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    NTers in Mass

    Italian/pizza and Chinese food in Boston proper is usually not amazing compared to other cities so for those foods specifically I can see where it would feel lack-luster. But overall there’s some great food spots you just have to talk to people and try places based on word of mouth.
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    Official New Balance Thread

    My first 1500s. Love these in person.
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    I’ve literally been waiting for this for years...
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    I unfortunately did not take any before and after pics of any reshapes I’ve done but I’ve only done a few. I’m sure if you search “reshape” on here you’ll find posts about it and I’ve seen YouTube vids on simply working the front part of the shoe down against a table to take some of the banana...
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    Pompidou’s came in from Wellgosh. Materials are actually great. QC isn’t terrible but could be better. One thing I didn’t consider is these might be tough to reshape with the red paint around the toes. Has anyone tried a reshape on these yet? If so was the paint affected? I worked them...
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    Anyone get shipping confirmation from Wellgosh on the Pompidou’s? Put my order in first thing in the AM last Thursday and got confirmation but no shipping and there’s no place on the website to search the order number.
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    Been here since 1999, OG's Check In

    I thought the same thing but I don't think that's her. I was low key trying to get at her in the DMs like literally 13 years ago but she kept asking me workout questions and stuff. I was like "I don't think we're on the same page..."
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    **The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

    Maybe I’m late but 70% off sale at L&T right now. Fair amount of 93 stuff included.
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    Adidas ORIGINALS updates

    Mine came in yesterday and I recommend going with your Stan smith size. These are a little more comfortable. def gonna double up on these and the white pair
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    Guidance for weekend Boston trip

    JP is cool too I lived there a couple years but never really got into much of the nightlife just the bars. Was a big car of the Galway house and Dogwood, and would hit up Canary Square from time to time. If you’re out near Roslindale, Reds in Rozzie has pretty good food.
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    Guidance for weekend Boston trip

    Brighton/Allston you could literally just walk around and find bars. Brunch out there your best bet is LuLu’s in Allston. Evening I like Brighton Bodega if you want like no line no crowd and pretty good food, then go up the road to Publick House on Beacon street. Barcelona is a little up the...
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    Nike Air Safari ID 5/22/2012

    Just came in today. Needed a quick reshape but love these now and can’t wait to break them out:
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    Love those Ace 83’s The Off White Louis’s are almost exact replicas of Avia b-ball shoes from the late 80s early 90s. I forget the exact number models but it’s crazy how close they are in appearance.
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    Sizes all showing up but add to cart just says “not available”. They’re either all done and sold or the app isn’t able to process anything and these end up getting a “restock” on the website at some random day/time in the future
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    Nike Air 180 OG

    So this last run of say ultramarines and other OG retros, would most of you guys say TTS or size down? I know they run kinda long and narrow so I didn't know if it was worth it to size down or if it's not that big a difference from past releases?
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