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    Did anyone get the coupon for nfs in their app? I got sent a “thank you” from Nike for shopping at the outlets in Oregon this month. It’s $40 off your purchase of $150+ and it’s good until 8/30. Just want to know if others got this offer or just luck of the draw.
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    The 20% off coupon is single use only just like friends and family pass. I’m here in Oregon so decided to drop by woodburn outlets. Not much going on over here but the clothes came up for decent prices when combining 20% + additional 20%. No retros here plus no hash wall as well. Employee said...
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    Air Jordan 12 University Gold- July 24, 2020

    As someone who works for USPS as a carrier I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve put up with more bs from work and management than ever before since I came back to work in June. Took time off to get my shoulder and bicep fixed and have nothing but stupidity at work since. It sucks at work to the...
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    Air Jordan 11 low retro - black/white - university red - true red - June 27, 2020 - $185

    For at least the last 3-4 years if my memory serves me right. Nothing limited but a majority of general releases have sold on nex. Haven’t got a pair off there in a while due to being forgetful. Got to love no taxes!
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    ^Appreciate the update for pismo. That outlet is small and doesn’t get anything worth a damn. Back in the day you could get lucky with some hash wall returns before they started selling return at retail. Not worth a trip If that is your only intention but cool to pop in if you’re around there...
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    Vacaville- went there today since it’s the first day they’ve reopened. Had to wait 30-40 minutes in line before being allowed in since they’re keeping the numbers low inside of the store. Most of the stuff is pretty much the same stuff before the closures. Some new stuff but nothing that was...
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    Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...

    Glad this worked out for you. I’ve been waiting for the ts1’s that I ordered from goat to be authenticated since 5/8. Finally got them to be legit so now I wait for shipping. Wish I could help you with the vi’s. I bought size 11.5 and 12 from goat last November. Couldn’t pass the price at the...
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    Doernbecher 2020

    ^ the 12’s were done a couple of years ago the black colorway. As far as other number retros the only one not done yet is the xi’s. Honestly if they skip it and go to the xvi’s I would be happy.
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    Air Jordan V retro OG - Nike Air - Fire Red/Silver tongue - May 2, 2020

    Same boat as you. No updates on my shock drop pair, Saturday’s snkrs pair has a date of 5/20. All I know is at least my pair from fnl has shipped and should be here someday. Yeah progress!
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    Air Jordan 3 Cool Grey rumored 2021

    I’m a sucker for cool gray colorways but never liked the 3’s in this version. Too many little odd colors mixed in and the midsole paint was just basura. Don’t miss those retros during that time era with paint issues left and right.
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    Air Jordan V retro OG - Nike Air - Fire Red/Silver tongue - May 2, 2020

    Still haven’t got a shipping notice from the SNKRS shock drop. Still processing as of today. I low key hope everyone who gets these tomorrow have to wait minimum 2 weeks until they ship so they know the feeling a bunch of us have right now. Misery loves company ya know!
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    Air Jordan V retro OG - Nike Air - Fire Red/Silver tongue - May 2, 2020

    Missed that drop on NEX. Oh well life goes on and I’ll get a pair down the road. Stay safe everyone!
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    Jordan 4 Air max 95 neon green

    I’ve been to Kirkland and have to agree with the exchange not being great. Lots of Filipinos working there. I understand why “breaking bad” is based in New Mexico after being in that state for a day. As far as small exchanges I’ve been to I will nominate Moody AFB, Francis E Warren AFB, and...
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    Jordan 4 Air max 95 neon green

    Is KAFB for Kessler? If it is I know what you’re talking about. Stopped there last year during vacation making stops in Fl, Al, Ms, and La. Made some stops at Patrick AFB, Fort Rucker, Gulfport NCBC, Kessler AFB and JRB New Orleans. A lot of bases that are medium size don’t get stuff like...
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    2020 Air Jordan IV OG White Fire Red: Tentative Black Friday 2020

    Finally! Hate wearing my 2012 version because of the crap midsole paint. Even with my “Nike Air” fix on the back tabs it never felt right to me. Remember Jordan Brand, the color is “Fire Red” not Varsity Red. Don’t go 3 for 3 in screwing up the shade, ok?
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