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    Quick Female Advice.... & I got PICS for y'all

    I really wanna see all the dimes these NTers are smashing. Straight disrespectful
  2. raichu098

    World Championship Wrestling (WCW) Appreciation Post

    My boy Raven with that Raven Effect
  3. raichu098

    Can Men and Women be " Just Friends" ?

    Came here to say this...
  4. raichu098

    Your Man Doug had Swag...

    Smash Adams had all the skeezers tho...
  5. raichu098

    I Know This Feeling And It Sucks

    This was the greatest YouTube creation ever
  6. raichu098

    Octomom update - she went down that road.

    +!# IS WRONG WITH THIS BIRD??!!!! Damn I feel for her kids growing. Kids in public school are RUTHLESS. No dambs given.
  7. raichu098

    If you could take any 3 guys to dinner, dead or alive, who would you take?

    Had to make a 2nd one... Marlon Brando Hubie Brown Ronald Isley
  8. raichu098

    If you could take any 3 guys to dinner, dead or alive, who would you take?

    Warren Buffet Based God Michael Jordan
  9. raichu098

    Another Bath Salt Zombie

    My mind, body & soul are NOT ready...
  10. raichu098

    How old are NT members?

    20 years young Joined my freshman year of HS in '07
  11. raichu098

    What team's fanbase do you take the most pleasure in watching suffer?

    @#$%&! Steelers, Celtics & their 07-08 bandwagoners, Cowboys, Crimson Tide Football, Heat Stans, John Calipari Stans
  12. raichu098

    Polo brainwashes black kid

    All of this
  13. raichu098

    How do you think you will dress when you're in your 40's?

    Depends on how I look. Esp my weight. Most likely Polo doe. Cause I BEEN HAD POLO
  14. raichu098

    Zombie outbreak Vol. are you ready?

    bruh said "zoambs"
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