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    Apple iPhone thread| We on iPhone 12

    Anyone have futures dirty sprite 2 cover as a wallpaper? Preferably in format for the 6 plus and with out the lettering on the side.
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    the thread about nothing...

    Blackbird is pretty cool, so is lagniappe. Wood holds a special place in my heart tho since its close to virtue vape (vape store in wynwood)
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    17 Year Old Girl Convinces Friend To Commit Suicide, Then Acts Like She Cares, Faces Manslaughter Ch

    Sounds like an L.A. Noir movie. "Chicks wants the fame, the glamour, the attention" "All this? For what?" "Because she's has this dream see" "The perfect life, a perfect house with a little dog house behind a white picket fence" "Perfect husband, perfect two kids" ""With a perfect backstory...
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    What shoes does he have on in the apparently video? It's tough to see.
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    1 World Trade Center window washers rescued from broken cart VOL 68 Stories Up

    Tie a secure rope long enough around my waist attached to something on the roof. I probably still wouldn't do it.
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    How much should i be expecting if I put up my s5 on craigslist?
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    Joe Budden Beat His Ex Girlfriend Outside of NYC Night Club

    "Don't ask me bout budden, I beat my girl too"
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    OFFICIAL VAPING THREAD vol. No trees, alternative to cigarettes

    I figured out why I couldn't taste strawberries in my unicorn milk. When I vaped it I was expecting an artificial strawberry taste when it actually has like a real strawberry note to it. My mind was blown when I put it together. Lol
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    OFFICIAL VAPING THREAD vol. No trees, alternative to cigarettes

    Nice. I'm contemplating between the patriot or a tugboat just haven't decided yet. I use so much juice when I drip, it makes buying the name brand juices almost as bad as when I would buy cigs price wise. There's a company called whitelabeljuiceco (ig name) that sells 100% vg in 100ml bottles...
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    OFFICIAL VAPING THREAD vol. No trees, alternative to cigarettes

    It's nice, small even with a big battery. I think the "it" mod though is the Manhattan by ameravape. There's this big thing that went down with them and the person who machined them so he took what he had left and engraved them with a "FU" instead of their initials. I've seen clones online and...
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    OFFICIAL VAPING THREAD vol. No trees, alternative to cigarettes

    Nimbus with 28 gauge and a 5/6 wrap. It's on a brass nemesis clone. I have a vtc4 and a mnke both 18650
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    OFFICIAL VAPING THREAD vol. No trees, alternative to cigarettes

    I want a manhattan by ameravape but don't know if I want that to be my first authentic. I wouldn't mind owning one that has "FU" on it. Supposedly ameravape owed the manufacturer money and wouldn't payup, so that's his way of getting back at them. Also, has anyone here tried unicorn milk by...
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    Air Jordan Future Featuring xi sole 2014

    Don't swap the soles. My boy dyed the red upper black using angelus, so much easier. I'm looking for a pair in my size to do my self.
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    Stephen A. Smith Apologizes about Domestic Violence Views

    Reading too much into this. "Putting the blame on the victim and not the abuser" Seriously? He meant it as, some females get angry and just start hitting, not everyone has the same amount of patience. And even if it's just a "female" shouldn't put your hands on someone.
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    Official AUTHENTIC NBA JERSEY Post - Bringin Back the JERSEY ERA... (Info/Guide = Page 1)

    Nice, from Miami? That's going to be my next pick up. I just don't want to bring it to someone who doesn't know what they're doing.
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