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    Kooley High - Burn After Listening
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    ...Official BLACKBERRY Thread v.updated...

    im on verizon v4.5.0.77 and its pretty smooth. Im not a big youtube fan. The picture quality is crap nonetheless. I much prefer it on a desktop/laptop so its no big lose to me.
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    ...Official BLACKBERRY Thread v.updated...

    Frank - yeah i know what you mean but im opposite. I much prefer the small text. I like things to be more compact. for more themes yall can visit:
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    ...Official BLACKBERRY Thread v.updated...

    2wenty - yeah that "cool blue" theme is something serious. I contacted the creator and got him to make me a custom layout for a small donation. Frank - im not sure why it would do that. im using the 8830 and youtube works on and off. Has anyone tried to stream music through there phones? its...
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    Rate My Avy Vol. 100x100

    10 [Know your role and shut your mouth] Sincerely yours, The Rock
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    Official XBOX 360 Thread: Tekken 6 on 360!

    Has any good demos released on live lately? could i also be added to the front page of gamer tags? Gametag: Grim Atonement
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    Do You Believe In GHOSTS??

    Things in the world (even universe) are beyond our recollection. Anything is possible so i wouldnt put it past it. Ive at times felt uneasy due to the fact of something being around or even my eyes playing tricks on me. Who knows..
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    ...Official BLACKBERRY Thread v.updated...

    Im most definitely picking up the storm when it releases. currently with the 8830 from verizon. (OS v. did anyone make the OS upgrade to 4.5? (well the leaked version)
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    Some homies want to check out the common/NERD show, so i might head off to that and see what its about. Not really a fan of NERD though.
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    Is anyone attending either the homecoming festivities or the show?
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    NC NTers: what high school do you (or did you) go to?

    Southeast Raleigh c/o 2004
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    PLEASE VOTE: VOTE FOR INFLOWENTIAL ON MTV University Help them to the number one spot. They are one of two hiphop groups that have broken top 10 in the nation. Please help rep NC hiphop.
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    Official information if your not linked with the myspace: What: 1st Annual North Carolina Sneaker Summit/Showcase When: April 26th 2008 10am~5pm Who: Anyone who wants to have a good time. Buy kicks from displayers/sellers, see local vendors from across NC, and chill with people. Where: N.C...
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    Official Xbox 360 Post: For those who CARE, COD4 patch is now available

    well i just encountered the ring of death on my 2nd xbox360. Im not going through this %%#! again. Its time to move on and get another system. Looks like illcop myself a ps3 for an early christmas gift to myself. *would you suggest buying another system or sending it to microsoft to get it fixed?
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