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    Dre's "Under Pressure" single STILL nothing.... VOL. 8 years later SMH

    So... after being initially announced, it was supposed to drop 2 weeks later. Currently, it's a month later. The man gives us blue ears. !@*@%*% Dr. Dre
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    How Do You Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Vol. UGHHH

    They're raping my kitchen, anyone in the same boat? I hate these pieces of $#!+ I thought about making a paint ball gun with balls filled with raid, and just going Rambo on them *+**@
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    A Freestyle Battle: Translated Vol. Posted?

    @ Fellatio was performed forth with and without explanation
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    You have to see this :LOL Vol Turtlegasm

    Yeah I was like OHH @!!+ when it started going...well technically coming
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    GTA San Andreas Appreciation Thread

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    GTA San Andreas Appreciation Thread

    I loved randomly running up on dudes and start fighting with fists. Or cruising around rival territory waiting for some #!*+ to pop off GTA4 was good, but Niko is @$#*++# annoying
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    Price Check: Used Retro Jordan 3 Fire Red

    Had these for a few years, pretty tore up as you can see. How much can I get for these?
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    YO! The Official Jay Z post...

    ^Its basura Skip that song quick before your ear drums bleed
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    Roc Boys Video<>

    I dont care damnit Im doing the handshake too First period...I will announce the change in handshake-dom *clap clap* *salute* :hat
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    YO! The Official Jay Z post...

    <> All Day Copped today at lunch Uhhh Success Bangs hard as @#%$ son Only skipper is Hello Brook2 <><><><><><><><>
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    YO! The Official Jay Z post...

    Im coppin tuesday!
  12. reasonabldoubt22

    YO! The Official Jay Z post...

    Wow is all I gotta say about the album Party life gives you that smooth laid back relaxation feel...kinda like Feelin it Pray and Fallin' are real deep man Success bangs out
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