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    NFL Discussion Thread - Hall of Fame Game: August 3rd

    Cards D has no motivation. You could tell after Kolb went out, that the team kinda gave up. On another note, the Cardinals suck! Fire Whiz after this game.
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    Anybody a member of 12society vol Nas, KLove, BGriffin, Strahan, Lincecum- mystery gifts

    The guy in the vids requested an extra pair of socks for his free item, but Datz said he got protein. But I think it's him.
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    NT whats a good drink?

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    Who's buying NBA League Pass this year? All 30 teams or 5 teams?

    I don't understand why a 1-team package isn't available. 1 team for $30-$40 and I'm all over it, but I have no interest in the 4 other teams.
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    NFL Week 8 In Review...

    Yeah, it's disappointing. I can't imagine how he feels with terrible QB play every week. Although Kolb played decently before he got injured.
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    NFL Week 8 In Review...

    One of the only reasons he stayed is he wanted Kevin Kolb and they went out and got him. Yeah, they signed him for 8 years, $120 million. Just imagine his numbers if he had a great QB his entire career. Mind-blowing numbers.
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    NFL Week 8 In Review...

    There's no way the Cardinals would trade Fitz. Absolutely no way.
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    :::[Official MNF] San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals @ University of Phoenix 10/29:::

    Arm tackle fail #950 Pathetic excuse by a good defense.
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    :::[Official MNF] San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals @ University of Phoenix 10/29:::

    As hard as it is to believe, they looked much better with Kolb. The offensive line is getting worse by the week, and obviously Skelton sucks.
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    2012 OFFICIAL NBA Fantasy Basketball Thread

    Just drafted in a 12 man league and was wondering what you guys think of my roster. I'd like another PG until Rubio comes back, but there aren't many available. PG: Deron Williams, Ricky Rubio, Grevis Vasquez SG: Demar DeRozen, O.J. Mayo, Kawai Leonard SF: Rudy Gay, Kawai Leonard, Derrick...
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    how do tumblr/twitter girls make money

    Has the nerve to ask for a $1700 MBP and an iPad. :{
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    You have a 5 car garage.

    Ford F-450 1954 Chevy pick-up 2012 Koenigsegg Agera R 1964 Lincoln Continental 1967 Shelby GT500
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    When Bus Drivers Strike Back

    Amazing news. :smokin :smokin
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    NT, What Beer Do You Drink?

    An awesome beer.
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