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    Concepts in cambridge, ma

    Anyone know if they opened up their new store? If so, is it nice?
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    Going to NYC in Late May

    You could go to BK and hit up Fulton St. Some ppl say they have fake kicks but one legit store I go to is called Quick Strike.
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    Johnny Cupcakes-Boston

    What it is ya'll. I just wanted to make sure about this store Johnny Cupcakes on Newbury. I know they sell clothes but I wondered if they sold sneakers. Im thinking no but I figured I'd make sure.
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    Any1 no where i can get this matching Grape jacket in Boston

    I think you'd find that jacket at Karmaloop on Newbury St. They also have the website if there out of sizes at there store.
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    Boston area stores...

    Thanks for that info
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    Boston area stores...

    What it is ya'll. I was wondering if anyone has ever been to A.W.O.L. in Allston, MA. If so, how'd u like it? Also has anyone heard anything about the Re-Up?
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    purple pigeons in NYC

    You could prob. try Downtown BK. Fulton St.
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    Going to Boston - What boutiques/shops to hit up??

    Yeah. Bodega is located on Mass Ave. and Clearway St. Kinda hidden u might miss it. They open everyday but Tuesday.
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    School Me On Northeastern University

    Yeah I go there. Its a great school, especially if your a business major. I guess u would have to get use to Boston. Some ppl hate it some ppl love it. I guess it would depend where your coming from. Obviously the fashion level ain't up to N.Y.'s but then again your coming here for school.
  10. roc md

    Where in Boston?

    Yeah. Im pretty sure Expressions will get them. Its in Downtown Boston on Washington St.
  11. roc md

    Concepts - Cambridge MA

    Did ya'll ever get a second shipment of the "Purple Pigeons"? FS: VNDS Nike Air Jordan VII 'Raptors' sz 10.5 WTB: Jordan 5's black/silver/red sz 9.5
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