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    Prod 2 babyblue/blkweave

    Done by none other than, Tinker Hatfield. Here's some more information...
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    Official Air Jordan X & XIII Countdown Post!

    Thanks for the mine. Don't abuse your account and get 2 pairs...that's how you lose access.
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    Official Air Jordan X & XIII Countdown Post!

    ...Not the best idea.
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    Official Air Jordan X & XIII Countdown Post!

    Working retail is slower, and leaving Nike and coming back isn't a bad idea...but everyone is different and there is no set policy. An EKIN however isa great "in" as the best of the best at Nike have all started as EKIN's, even Mark Parker himself did. Getting an internship after you've already...
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    Official Air Jordan X & XIII Countdown Post!

    For those of you looking to get in with Nike with an internship for the Summer, start looking on now. Those of you who are employees who workat Employee Store's, Outlet Stores, Niketown's, etc. get to know your GBU people, EKINS, or anyone else that has a Nike business card that...
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    Official Air Jordan X & XIII Countdown Post!

    I hate to break it to you but I doubt any Nike employee or Swoosh member is willing to risk their account for someone they don't know even if it's amember on NT. If you read some of the last couple of pages, Swoosh has been cracking down on those who abuse the privilege. So for those of you who...
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    Interesting idea...I think you guys will be surprised at how they actually turned out in person.
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    ***Official Air Jordan Retro 8 Black/Red Post!***

    NDC is slacking right now...SMH
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    I'm planning a trip to Miami

    Anywhere lower level is good...just go on and find seats they have everything all digital now where you can view what your seats will look like on thewebsite.
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    2007-2008 NBA-NFL-MLB-NCAA Season Jordan Brand thread!

    Joe Johnson had some really dope VIII's at tonight's game v. the Wizards (sorry no pics)...funny though that he switched to 12.5 Team Shoes after the1st half though.
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    These "hybrid" Air Force 1's (Safari, Air Max 95, etc.) will be hitting retailers most likely between the months of April-June...there is a lotmore heat to come. I don't think the best one has been posted yet.
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    Kanye West - Good Morning video

    Very dope to say the least...I'm trying to guess how much Kanye paid Murakami to do all that...
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    Nike WhattheDunk is Real...

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    Nike WhattheDunk is Real...

    These aren't releasing at every SB retailer, only in the cities in which the movie is premiering...and probably only at one location within that city. MESS BEIJING
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    Penny Hardawar to the Miami heat.. Can we expect a sig shoe?

    At least he didn't take Dorell's number. [url=][/font]
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