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    Dressing Better Vol 2.0

    recommend me a pair of brown leather dress shoes and matching belt to go with white dress shirt and navy dress pants something that wont break the bank
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    STAY/GET BACK IN SHAPE VOL 3.0 -- A New Niketalk = A New Thread

    sounds like sciatica, ive had the same issue...after working on my core, it has resolved alot, still pain here and there but not as bad...took about 8 months to fully recover
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    NT's LEGAL Gun Thread UPDATE...First Youtube Firearm Review Page 61

    Thoughts on S&W M&p 45??? A buddy of mine is getting rid of one for the low, gone through less than 500rds
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    Los Angeles booming creative class lures new yorkers. Does this settle LA> NYC

    Famb I love gypsy cafe! I work at Ronald Reagan and I eat there like 2x a month I started my own tech and design business around 2.5 years ago...answering craigslist ads and hitting up radiokorea In just 2.5 years I have an office off of rodeo drive and another above flightclub on fairfax and...
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    Car accident question

    Yes it was a huge accident in the middle of a state highway through the desert
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    Car accident question

    My last resort would be if he doesn't pay then I'll have to come forward to the insurance company...hell be screwed bc he really wanted to make sure his driving record is clean due to his job... If I fess the truth up to the insurance company what type of consequences do I have to face?
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    Car accident question

    It was totaled
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    Car accident question

    I've contacted them but I'm waiting for them to call me back, I had my insurance company contact them. Now I know I will get the rental insurance Smh
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    Car accident question

    Thanks for the heads up appreciate it I've already taken the L If he doesn't own up to the agreement with the promissory note then another L handed my way
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    Car accident question

    No rental insurance just my own...
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    Car accident question

    I was involved in a huge auto accident in a rental under my name, I wasn't te driver but I took blame as the driver. The faulted driver agreed to pay my auto insurance for 3 years if I take the blame. I am in the process of getting a promissory note written up to make sure he pays. Question...
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    STAY/GET BACK IN SHAPE VOL 3.0 -- A New Niketalk = A New Thread

    anyone experience sciataca? wondering how you guys ease back into the gym, and what helps recovery? thoughts on physical therapy for recovery? think that i might not want to try PT but if it helps then i'll do it.
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    **..:The Official Jewelry Thread Vol. 11: AFTER 12 YEARS NINJAHOOD GOT DA JESUS PIECE & CHAIN:..**

    nice pick up no disrespect but that thing is tiny, my 1 year old son has a cuban ID bracelet about that width
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    SoCal Food/Grub Thread

    recommend me some spots to check out while in Carlsbad, CA.
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    Purchasing wholesale electronics from China based websites; Yay or Nay

    my goal is to start my own online business as a second source of income....will read from page 1
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