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    <- Canadian Market prices start to go DOWN! ->

    The best ******s are the magazine companies. THey claim that the discrepancy between US and Canada prices is due to the issues being printed 5-6 months prior to the release. But now, I've bought 2 issues of Golf Digest and they're is still a 2 dollar discrepancy! And it's Canada that's more...
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    Blue Mountain... or hillside?

    How much higher can they go? I was in Collingwood and heard from a reliable source that they're thinking of expanding the slope's vertical challenge. I'm from Alberta and I have every right to diss that slope. It's pathetic. But I wonder how much higher they can add at the top. What do you...
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    Things to do around TO downtown

    Hey guys, for the blue jays' game, when do they stop checking your ticket when you go through the section entry ways? Investment Analyst
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    Things to do around TO downtown

    Question, for those that have also travelled to Vancouver. IS Yonge St. similar to Robson in Vancouver? Investment Analyst
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    Things to do around TO downtown

    Well... of course I like kicks. But I actually do not intend on buying anything! I'm not checking in any bags, and I really don't want to! I'm just carrying a carry on bag and that's all the luggage I'm bringing there. That's definitely a great idea, but I'm actually arriving on a Tuesday...
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    Things to do around TO downtown

    Hey guys, I'll be flying over to Toronto for a conference in a few weeks and wondering if you locals would recommend me places to visit within the downtown radius. I don't want to take a taxi, cause my company won't expense unncessary costs. I'm going to be at the Fairmont and would love to...
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    The Kid Griffey Jr. wearing the BEST cleats in the Game!

    So for the faithful that have continued to follow Griffey's career. How is he doing now? Man! i felt so bad for him! Just imagine what would have happened if he kept up with his stats. He would be seriously challenging the homerun record legtimately. What was he on par for? like 900 homers at...
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    Upcoming Nike - Zoom BB

    These are definitely growing on me, and I think the lows will be a great everyday, in the city shoe. Just hope the next time i go to New Jersey for a business trip, I can find these. Would definitely be cheaper than buying them here in Canada. Investment Analyst
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    Kobe 02 through 03 Sneaker Frenzy Appreciation Lots of pix

    do you think he wore whatever his wardrobe had during that time period? I wouldn't be surprised if he rocked whatever was appropriate for the team. Investment Analyst
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    Footlocker Staff Member Openly Stiffs Customers...

    What can you do!? If your'e not friends with them, I find footlocker employees are absolutely poor customer service providers. If I had a voice to let footlocker Canada know, I would tell them practically every store provides subpar to poor customer service. Investment Analyst
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    Upcoming Nike - Zoom BB

    I love the lows! They look like great casual shoes if you dont' want to ball in them. Financial Analyst
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    ---PUMA GOLF???---

    Actually, let me correct myself. I did not meant to say the technology is bad, as I did get the sales guy try to push these to me. He did say a lot of tech was in the shoe. However, in my opinion, the shoe isn't very well designed. It's designed off of a street shoe concept. Fashion, yet, it...
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    ---PUMA GOLF???---

    Don't take me wrong, but when I said joking around, I was referring to the white/green being very flamboyant to be on the golf course. Besides, the shoe is actually really poorly constructed. the technology is horrible. Stick to your guns for golf shoes. Puma's are nice on the street, but...
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    ---PUMA GOLF???---

    If I have not mistakened, you can find them at golftown. I think I saw the same pair when I was there looking for a new pair of formal golf shoes. There was one colorway which was white/green which the salesman and I were joking around. There were all black and the white/black colorway as...
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    Foot Locker Family & Friends Event (Coupon)

    No luck using the printed coupon at the Chinook Footlocker in Calgary. The manager just said the protocol now is not to allow printed versions of the coupon. But a lot of the managers still allow it anyway cause they're lazy to enforce the rules. Someone heard that before? Financial Analyst
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