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    Jordan III OG “white cement” - 2023

    How about we ‘re-imagine’ correct height, shape, toes, EP, and NA thickness ????
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    Air Jordan II “Chicago” October 8th 2022

    Also interesting to see the ankle cut on some of MJ's game worns - look how high the back is and it's essentially a straight line ankle (you all know how retros look)
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    Air jordan 7 Playoffs retro 2022 - 30th anniversary

    This is the post of the week up in here :lol::pimp: @PremioBinSoleFlyUnion Oh and just another shot why not
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    Air Jordan IV “Black/Cement” - May 4th 2019

    My eyes are on fire, what a sight for the opening of the holiday weekend! @marztharealist
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    Klay Thompson's Washington State's are live:
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    Air jordan 7 Playoffs retro 2022 - 30th anniversary

    Gotta throw few small Wizards stats in here, what the hell :pimp: A couple months away from Age 39 Mike dropped 51 on the Hornets without making a 3 PTer. Two days later he dropped 45 PT/7 AST/3 STL vs the Nets A couple months away from Age 40 Mike went for 41 PT/12 REB/3 STL vs the Pacers At...
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    CLOT Jordan V Low

    I did right away from them, and shoes already delivered.
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    Air jordan 7 Playoffs retro 2022 - 30th anniversary

    So many disgusting seasons from Mike that even pre titles it's impossible to pick his peak! :lol: 86-87 he averaged 37.1 PPG while making 12 total 3PTers on the year 87-88 he won league MVP, Defense POY, scoring champ, steals champ, ASG MVP and Dunk champ 88-89 he went for 32.5/8.0 Assist/8.0...
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    OFFICIAL: Air Trainer 1 Mid Premium aka "Chlorophylls"... paging Wallyhop....

    This is so true and says a lot of the state of Nike’s normally half-assed retro lines. They should be forced to use this in their marketing materials. :lol: “Come buy the Air Trainer 1 retro, 2022 release. Closest to OG 1987 as you can get - not taking into account quality of materials...
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    Air Jordan IV “Black/Cement” - May 4th 2019

    Celtics rocked black year-round. The Bulls started the black change-up for the playoff move and several other teams copied it (of course!) including Barkley’s Sixers. Then later the Bulls I believe were the first team to rock the black socks for playoffs the year of the XI. Stuff like this...
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    Is the Instant Sell Out and Hype Finally Declining?

    IMO I dont think it's dipped yet as much as it may seem. As others mentioned OG colorways and collabs and hype train releases all are gone in one second. SNKRS app is still giving the Heisman to almost everyone. Hype I think is still at level red and so are resale practices. I do agree there...
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    Air Jordan II “Chicago” October 8th 2022

    It's sad that here we are some 35 years later and we all have to literally beg for just a real copy :lol::smh: Sometimes you just sit and wonder how we even get to this point
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    All Things Sports Media Thread!!

    It always amazes me what the national media keeps holding on to in relation to people actually caring :lol: Literally no one is asking for Baker Mayfield anything. Except the national media
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    Jordan 1 Chicago - Reimagined - Holiday 2022 - Rumored

    I know asking for perfect shapes is far too much but can we at least get a version w/ the FAT swooshes ? :lol: Come on JB, it's time.
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