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    Air Jordan 7 Low NRG 2018

    Some things aren't meant to be low tops. You would have thought they would have learned their lesson from those 8's 15 years ago.
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    Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

    left my office to see what the line was like maybe 25 minutes after seeing the tweet and there was no way I was waiting in that line. Its just amazing that so many people have no responsibilities and can just hit that line as soon as the tweet goes out
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    Official AJKO OG Thread (Everything AJKO Related)

    i find it so funny that pairs go for under retail when 10-12 years ago everyone was dying for the KOs since we didn't have a ton of info on them and og pairs weren't really in existence. Nice to see people getting pairs. Personally love mine and I can't wait for the bred pair.
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    BORDEAUX 7S JULY 18th 2015

    trying to figure out if i want to pick up the pair i won from a raffle or if i just keep my 2011s and chill.....
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    Jordan Retro 1 High "Shattered Backboard"

    Just because a person has a well paying job doesn't mean you don't worry about paying resale. I make an very comfortable living, but I am not the biggest fan of throwing down $400+ on a pair of jordans. That being said i did pay resale for these and they're great.
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    Jordan Retro 1 High "Shattered Backboard"

    That happened to me with volt flyknit racers in 2011. Dude said we don't have any more but this pair I'm wearing I'll sell to you for 300.
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    Jordan Retro 1 High "Shattered Backboard"

    yeah auctions aren't ending at anywhere close to 350
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    Jordan Retro 1 High "Shattered Backboard"

    I just need to know; everyone that keeps talking about 3-350 and prices dropping daily where are you seeing this? NYC all i see is 450++++ for that 10-10.5
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    Jordan Retro 1 High "Shattered Backboard"

    where are people seeing under 400? 8o feel like a dummy for paying 475
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    Nike Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" - May 30, 2015. (LEGIT CHECK IN 1st POST)

    og colors, especially 1s will never be a mass gr ever again
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    Not into Jordans anymore?

    I don't buy as often like i used to. Reason being, at this point the abundance of crappy coloways compared to releasing OG colorways just disinterest me. To me it feels like every OG colorway is limited, which means unless you have a hook up or a very lucky online, I'm stuck paying a reseller...
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    Jordan Retro 1 High “Laser” aka Custom Lasers Thread

    I just returned a size 10 to Roosevelt Field if anyone is looking for a pair
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    Official AUTHENTIC NBA JERSEY Post - Bringin Back the JERSEY ERA... (Info/Guide = Page 1)

    is there anywhere to get an authentic Chinese New Year Warriors jersey?
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    Official AUTHENTIC NBA JERSEY Post - Bringin Back the JERSEY ERA... (Info/Guide = Page 1)

    guys I've been out of the loop this season, why have they taken off the nba logo from the front of the jersey?
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    Black Infrared VI's returning in 2014. NO GM TALK!

    UPS sent me a notification 2 days in a row that my package is delayed at my local sorting facility because the box hasn't come off the truck yet....What a bunch of BS
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