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    The Official PlayStation Thread | MW2 Remastered OUT NOW | PS5 Specs Revealed | PS5 Holiday 2020 |

    Anyone have any Beta codes left? Need 1 more for my cousin. Please and thank you
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    What company or product has forever lost your business???

    Olive Garden, after i found a plastic wrapper from what is probably packaging for something, in my Tour of Italy. It was buried in the sauce, had a few bites prior too. Went in for another and discovered a long strip of plastic. Never again....
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    Apple iPhone thread| iPhone 11 out now.

    6S is butter.
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    Help Me Pull an Upset Video Competition

    Voted twice, hope u win.
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    Richest 1% Own More Than Half World's Wealth

    The 1 percenters in the US have more money than the entire US combined. Word to Johnson & Johnson.
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    American Sniper

    thought this movie was awful, at times it didn't seem like it was a serious movie. Too predictable, had elements of a bad 80's action movie.
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    SERIAL PODCAST - Adnan Granted a new Trial

    Drove to Pittsburgh from Jersey today and listened to the first 5 episodes straight, very intriguing stuff, gotta get to episode 7 asap. Props to OP for putting me on
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    How do you guys have your Leagues scoring settings set up? I wanna make sure my scoring settings make sense. Thanks
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    Please lock this one up mods

    Eagles look great. Antrell Rolle looks like a fraggle rock
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    Please lock this one up mods

    So many airborne deflections, I jump up anticipating an interception.... It's bound to happen.
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    Please lock this one up mods

    Jeremy Maclin look like bobby shmurda
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    Please lock this one up mods

    Luck is a good QB but this slurping he gets may be unprecedented...
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    Yea it was just bugging out for me, I'm up and running now tho
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    Anyone down for some ghosts?
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