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  • White Supremacy is a religion. The followers of that religion can be of any race. White Supremacists feel that White people are supreme to any other race or ethnicity and because they believe that white people are superior, they condone violence and unfair treatment against other races and ethnicities. They feel that white people should be the only people to benefit from Affirmative Action (white women), welfare and any other government assistance programs. They are okay with the US government historically establishing a middle class with government programs and acts of Congress, but they do not want any acts or programs to benefit any other race or ethnicity.
    White Supremacists believe the police are there to protect them and act as though it is unbelievable that the police would treat anyone differently than the way they treat white people. In those cases they will look to blame the victim. When there is no evidence that the victim was responsible for their own mistreatment, they will often justify murder with character flaws of the victim and act as if they and everyone else that supports White Supremacy are perfect and have never committed a crime.
    White Supremacists are mostly ignorant of their own history, the history of white people and the history of the United States and when that history is cited they will usually tell you how long ago it was and how it has no effect on modern events. They will often deny that white people have an advantage that non-whites do not and cite Affirmative Action and quotas as proof that white people are treated unfairly, never acknowledging that white women benefit more from quotas and Affirmative Action than any other group.
    White Supremacists are such firm believers in their religion that they have a hard time seeing that white people have an unfair advantage in the United States. If they do acknowledge that advantage and the system set up to protect their advantage they will tell you that it's not their fault and if they could they would "level the playing field." They never say that they will actively pursue any change in the unfair advantage because deep down they like the unfair advantage.
    White Supremacists love to talk about "black on black" crime. They never talk about "white on white" crime. They act as if "white on white" crime isn't committed as much per capita as "black on black" crime. They will often cite prison statistics to demonstrate that black people are naturally violent and prone to criminal behavior. What they will not do is look at data that clearly shows how black people are profiled and targeted more and more harshly penalized for committing the same crimes that white people commit. They LOVE to talk about Chicago's crime, but hardly ever mention the segregated ghettos, poor educational system and lack of opportunity that create messes like Chicago. They won't mention how schools are funded or how low average income of areas create poor schools and the endless cycle that poor education and low income create.
    White Supremacists hide behind computers. They rarely show their faces. White Supremacists are cowards. They are the scum of the Earth. They applaud violence against non-whites. They are evil and vile. The day will come when the non-whites will take no more of the *****ty behavior from White Supremacists and it won't be pretty. I pity them in a way, but they have been given every chance to change.
    All truth:

    Woke up this morning. Meditated in bed.

    Said a prayer out of bed.

    Out of nowhere a song starts playing in my head... a random old song from the 80's that isn't in regular top 40 rotation.

    Get dressed go to my car and when I get in, that song was on the radio. I put that on everything.

    Mind was a blown.
    Leveled all the ******* way up this year ALREADY!!! Thank GOD. Prayed up, GRINDING!!!

    Anyone reading this, stay about your grind and when no one else believes in you, YOU believe in you.

    Hard work and faith pay off.
    The recipe:
    (1) teaspoon onion powder
    (1) teaspoon Tabasco
    (2) tablespoons red wine vinegar
    1/4 cup jack Daniels
    (1) cup brown sugar
    1/4 cup water
    (4) beef bouillon cubes
    (2) tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

    All you do is combine all the ingredients in a saucepan, bring it to a boil, then simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.
    Made up my mind to swim... wish me luck as I stroke against the current. If I'm gonna struggle, might as well do what I love. See me at the top.
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