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    Official Nike Zoom Revis 1 CAMO EXT Friday!

    Can someone help me out and tell me about the stock locator? Is it 2 weeks after the release and what website do I go to? I'm new to this so all help is appreciated. Thnx
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    Website check

    Has anyone every purchased from corkcloth? If so are their shoes legit? Any help would be cool thnx Feel free to post about other websites as well
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    KD V ID THREAD: November 6th Launch

    What's the best way to become a Nike product tester? Anybody on here Get samples?
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    Official LeBron X Thread Vol. 2: Corks and Volts Launch 2/23

    I'm in Pittsburgh and just went to the mall and every sneaker store still had full sizes of prisms Damn they look great in person and on feet
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    Does anyone have any release info on the new kd backpack? Thnx
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