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    Air Jordan 13 'Squadron Blue' - 2013

    Dah-dah-dah-dah-dahhhh I'm lovin' it.  Screw what the lemmings say, them is kleen.
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    Official Air Jordan 3 "White Cement" '88 Retro - Retail $200

    I'm interested if someone could delve into the Niketalk archives and pinpoint the exact post/moment when the Nike Air griping began.  Funny to me, the essence of the shoe hasn't changed, but that little detail hurts so many people's feelings.
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    Air Jordan 1 High OG Black/Gray aka Shadow 1's

    Gorgeous colorway.  Being an older fart and lurker from day one, I can honestly say the Jordan logo/Nike Air debate has never been an issue for me.
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    Official Air Jordan 13 Black/White/True Red Retro Thread. No Buying/Selling/Trading (3/16/13)

    LOL how the hype is great within you.  Bought these off Eastbay back in '99, more than a year-and-a-half after it dropped, for $50.  Those were the gat-damn days!  And the material was so much thicker and beefier, now these re-issues have thin foam that takes away from its rounded, puffy shape.
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    What is your favorite Jordan Highlight ?

    Favorite Jordan highlight, per se, would be in the 92 Finals VS the Blazers when he drops a jumper and backpedals while shrugging his shoulders, wearing a ****-eating grin from ear to ear.
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    Jordan XI Christmas 2013 Speculation Thread Qam Black/Gamma Blue-Blck-Vraty MZ 378037-006 Updated Pa

    Columbia XIs have this weird way of yellowing on the patent leather upper, contrasting from the icy blue of the sole.  That PE is very arousing, however.
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    Rumored Return of Air Jordan LIGHTNING IV

    So is it a Lightning, a Tour Yellow, that funky colorway in that pic, or nothing at all?
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