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    Can anybody school me on the NAVY?

    Its a good thing you didn't go Combat Arms.
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    Post your Twitter Vol. 2012

    In the Sig, I'll follow back and If I don't DM me and I will.
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    European Championship 2012, Poland-Ukraine June 8-July 1

    I'm watching on the Armed Forces Network, thought that went down, good to know it was an ESPN. Thought I was assed out.
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    European Championship 2012, Poland-Ukraine June 8-July 1

    GOALLLLL Vamos España
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    Prepare to have your mind blown..

    Not gonna front, my mind is blown...
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    Post Your Twitters Vol #followfriday

    In the Sig, I'll follow back, If I don't DM me and I will...
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    Im tired of this extra weight vol. weight loss

    I started this year at 207, Woke up at 171 this morning, Feels good mannn.
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    So Japan is actually considering developing a real working gundam

    Thread Jack!!! Who was the best Gundam pilot tho? Heero Yuy?
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    The Official Military Thread. Vol 1

    Don't know about other branches but in the ARMY if you haven't deployed you don't get the same respect as someone who has. And by deployed I mean to a Combat Zone.
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    Best Time of the Sports Year Appreciation (Baseball 24/7)

    Agreed! God I hate the Heat.
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    My boy is marrying a jumpoff....that i passed to him, and.....swapping, salad tossing+ period sex?

    Means the same around my way. I personally could never marry someone my boy hit... but that's just me.
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