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    Frank 7he T4nk's collection post count 1337!

    Ewwwwwww Dammmmm I See Someone Got Some Heat!!
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    Mission Immposible 1988 (updated!!)

    straight Fuego(fire)
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    DMXGOD's collection..WHOA! *Many Pics*

    Dammm you got a VERY nice collection!!
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    Only about 67% of the collection (Lots Of Pics)(NO 56K)**(Updated)**

    Dammmmmmmmmmm that's a SICK collection you got there!!
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    at my jordan collection

    Nice Collection Mah Manz
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    My Gals Collection____ (pics)

    She got a good collection
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    Yo!!! Check out this old stuff I found when looking for more room for my kicks.

    Dammm thats some realy old stuff you got there....hey i see you still got a unopened gatorade, pop that lil bad boy open and try it and see how it taste lmao!!
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    To the man above^ he keeps sizzurp in his little white styrofoam cup lol thats his medicine as he stated in the XXL magazine!!
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    POST SICK PICS OF KICKS VOL. letskeepthisonegoing

    Dammmmmm those are some !!NICE!! pics
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    So Uptempo's collection take a look

    Dammmm Your Grails And Dunks Are
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    Show Me Your Af1 Invisibles!!

    Word Someone Post A Picture Of Them On There Feet Or After A Couple Wear's!!
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    Show Me Your Af1 Invisibles!!

    Post Yours..I'll Post Mine When They Come In(Cant Wait)!!Show'em
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    My rebuilding Collection So far

    Dammmm that sucks that your own family did that but hey that's a good way to start off another collection!!
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