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    JB Quality?????

    Its not about inconsistency or factory quality control or material supply sourcing. The simple fact is that the sales guys and number crunchers at JB have figured out what shoes they need to invest more in and which ones they don't. For example, take the recent IVs. Why would you use two...
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    Nike AM90 and AM1 Vintage pack

    these will probably still be painted...with piss yellow "vintage" paint. Probably the same process they used for the "vintage" AM Lights from last year. So disappointed with that shoe, wanted to cop, but that pee stained midsole just looked horrendous. I've been told you can just wipe it off...
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    Nike AM90 and AM1 Vintage pack

    when will Nike put this "vintage" garbage to rest? Well, maybe the piss yellow will crack off like the rest of the painted midsole...I'll pass
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    Nike Air Safari ID 5/22/2012

    Received my iDs today. These are alright, the suede quality is good as well as the build quality(Vietnam). These run true to size for those asking. I'm happy with these, my only criticism is that I was expecting a lighter gum sole like that found on the AF1 and AM1 iDs. Guess these are listed as...
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    Nike Air Trainer '88 Retro

    I understand that they want to attract the kids into buying these shoes by adding color and different color blocking, but to me it just makes the shoe unattractive to me. I guess I'm just so biased towards how the originals were perfectly colored up, a simple white and grey base with...
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    OFFICIAL: Air Trainer 1 Mid Premium aka "Chlorophylls"... paging Wallyhop....

    ^^Saw that too Wally. Those do look exactly like the '02, '08, and '09 in terms of material quality which is a huge let down. The only thing I like about these is the tongue with the chlorophyll lining. If these are indeed the ones that are scheduled to drop it's another easy pass for me.
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    Air Jordan IV Military First Look Vol. Kixandthecity

    I feel ya man, I was stoked about them retroing the wht/cmts IVs, its been a long time since I've purchased any JB product because of the quality issues. The wht/cmts IVs are/were my favorite jays next to the blk/cmt IIIs, but once I saw and felt the quality on those I said no thanks. The color...
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    Air Jordan IV Military First Look Vol. Kixandthecity

    exactly. I have to smh at all these kids nowadays that prefer the hard, fakeass leather to actual real, soft comfortable leather.  do you know why it doesn't crease?, because its cheap, man made pleather. Do you realize that real soft leather is more expensive than the fake cardboard stuff they...
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    Nike Air Safari ID 5/22/2012

    The material quality does look good. Messin' around...Atmos and AT1 inspired joints. Already placed an order for a different colorway I came up with, I'll post once they arrive.
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    Nike USA Olympic Basketball Pack

    ^^judging from that toebox photo alone, looks like I'll be saving some money. Here's to hoping I'm wrong, but I doubt it.
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    Nike USA Olympic Basketball Pack

    Such a beautiful shoe, but if they used that same ol' cheapass pleather like they've been using on most of their recent retros(see Air Flight 89s, GR Air Trainer SC IIs, AJ IVs, etc.) then its an easy pass for me. Such a shame.
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    Mitt Romney responds to allegations of bullying gay classmates in high school.

    I think you can categorize him a homophobe by denying them equal rights.....
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    Nike Air Safari ID 5/22/2012

    ^^the mesh is nice, but that vinyl looking "leather" looks real cheap.
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    Nike Air Trainer 1 "Safari" Vol. OG Safari (Via:

    pics via if this is the version that's releasing then it looks like they got the quality right for the re-retro more pics here:
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