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    Upper year students: Lets talk about attending networking sessions

    at a networking event, the question is fine but i wouldnt ask that at an interview
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    Any entrepreneurs or business majors here? I have questions.

    Also look into an intro to accounting class
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    Post pics of HIGH-END DESIGNER SHOES...(pics)

    MMM is tts for sneakers and down 1 for boots for me I've picked up CPs for around ~130-150 in the past from Yoox before (Not the classic all white or black leather though)
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    Kid shot & paralyzed over Marmot "biggie" coat @ Bryant Park VOL Hurtlocker coat makin waves in NY

    is marmot really that serious? i dont see that many ppl rocking them and it's more older ppl when i do see it
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    Post pics of HIGH-END DESIGNER SHOES...(pics)

    Better off using a proxy from Asia tbh But check out these sites:
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    Official New Balance Thread

    :rolleyes someone should at least PM a mod to edit that into the first post also another US stockist not on his list, not sure if it's been posted after his list: SFNOVEMBER10 for 10% off
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    Official New Balance Thread

    noob question: how does sizing run on NB compared to Nike? I'm a 7.5 in Nike Flyknit (both trainer & racer)/Roshe/Air Max/pretty much any other nike shoe Do i go TTS with 7.5 or should i size up/down?
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    Dressing Better Vol 2.0

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    Dressing Better Vol 2.0

    Asking for best fitting isn't that good since everyone has different body shapes and how they like a shirt to fit so it might be good for one but not good for another. As far as off the rack goes, kamakura/kent wang has fit best for me If you're taking off the rack shirts to tailor, i'd rather...
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    niketalk is this true?

    portion on the unfolded is a lot smaller than in the box, though my takeout is always packed to da top so it will be a mess if i do this That ketchup thing is legit, though saw a youtube vid on that a while back and been doing it ever since :smokin
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    OFFICIAL: Nike Zoom FLYKNIT Collection - Racers + Trainers ONLY - (SIZE POLL ON FIRST PAGE. CHECK TH

    i know im late but is there any site where i can still get the black/white trainers in 7.5? went to a party recently and some girl vomited all of them :x knew i should've doubled up months ago
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    Jobless and Frustrated NTers check in VOL. WE NOT-WORKIN!!!

    for resumes you're better off going to your school's career center, i doubt the services where you pay to have someone do it for you will be that much more effective
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    Best country in the world?

    north korea
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