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    Hot Toys Collection thread and Statues

    Unfortunately, I do not 😪
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    Hot Toys Collection thread and Statues

    Only Hot Toy I'm looking for at a decent price is Knightmare Batman.
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    Hide Ya Wives, Hide Ya Kids: Worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic!

    Highly sucks brother..hope for the best and mom's recovery.
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    Official New Balance Thread

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    Official New Balance Thread

    Got these in the mail today.. material is amazing.. debating on distressing the denim area or not.
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    The Damn Nature, You Scary!!.....Thread

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    Official New Balance Thread

    Havnt picked up shoes in a while but ended up grabbing these bad boys from Oneness.. too dope IMO.
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    Official Sonic the Hedgehog(Headchog) Thread - Movie Reviews are in! Beware of spoilers!

    I actually enjoyed it for what it is. Is a kids movie, so is def. Gonna be a money maker.
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    Official New Balance Thread

    For today.. Tassies
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    Chargeback Papi
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    happy Friday, Un-DS pair, couple notes. - Not as comfortable as the V1 and V2 (due to lack of Boost) obviously but nonetheless they are ok. -Someone mentioned the edge of the sock liner near the pinky toe being annoying and I CAN DEFINITELY FEEL THAT! -They do appear to expand after a few mins...
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    Sneaking Food into the Movies, yah or nay? Vol Snacks are Too Danm High!

    In the theater now as we speak watching Bad Boys 2. Came in with Pretzel Nutella, Gummies, aged cheddar popcorn, and a burger.. **** here is too damn expensive. Also a bottle of water
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    Spider-Man Franchise- RIP STAN LEE - MORBIUS trailer out

    My boy Vulture is introduced in the movie.. IS OVER!
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    NYC to get a whole lot more interesting 2020 VOL. eliminating cash bail

    At my military unit, most of my colleagues are cops on the outside with some in the NYPD. They've said at this point being a cop is not even worth it in the city and is just getting worse with some looking into retiring already.
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    POWER THREAD (Sun., Starz)

    I bet ghost is alive and him and Tommy both bounced somewhere.
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