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    Filipino Restaurants in Daly City

    It's a short list, but I did a "Taste of the Philippines" List on Yelp.
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    Good SF Bar Hopping Areas

    Tender Nob - places like Swig, Rye, Ambassador, etc. Mission District - up and down Valencia, 16th, & Mission 2nd Street- John Collins, 111 Minna, Zebulon, and clubs within 1-2 blocks. Soma - on Folsom, if you're looking for for the lounge/club type of thing, they got Mercury, Holy Cow, and a...
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    Opened a new UPS Store in Daly City! Check us out.

    Thanks for all the positive comments and those that have rolled through. Be sure to mention Niketalk to get the 15% off! I'm usually there in the AM,but my cousins/employees know what's up. With all new businesses the beginning is real tough, especially in this economy. I strongly believe...
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    Opened a new UPS Store in Daly City! Check us out.

    Thanks homie! I just need the foot traffic now, so I can stop bleeding money. Hey Reign, do you know Andy and Ryan at Garage Inc.? They are almost done withmy X5.
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    Opened a new UPS Store in Daly City! Check us out.

    Wanted to give a heads up to you fellow NT'ers out there that my lady and I just opened a new UPS Store in the "Top of the Hill" District of DalyCity. If you need to package or ship kicks/clothing, open a mailbox, work on your school project or whatever, hit us up. I have a bunch of boxes...
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    Looking for people to add to a "Bay Area" WDYWT feature on

    Still taking entries till November 15th and we'll announce the winner. Keep sending in your pics! Or if you go to CCSF, let me know if you want to meetwith Albert, he runs our Fashion page and should have a camera with him on most days.
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    Anything going on this weekend?

    Red Bull Soapbox Rally in SF (Dolores Park) on Saturday. Not sure about the time, but I'd get there earlier than later.
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    BEST OF BEST AM 90s (Post em up boys- Your top 5)

    One that wasn't mentioned and I gave away to my brother are the tennis ball AM90s from the Powerwall release. I know these are ids, but the neons are my favorite in my rotation. these infared are still DS
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    Jordan Cement "Members Only" LS Jacket

    It already touched down in Asia, so if it isn't already here in the states then its coming soon. Hangtime usually gets their inventory about few weeks toa month ahead of the actual release date.
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    Jordan Cement "Members Only" LS Jacket

    I'm not sure if you guys are into the all over cement goods still, but Jordan Brand is coming with this Cement "Members Only Jacket" It hasalready popped up in Asia. More images and info
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    Newcastle dunk SBs??

    For those buying from CCS: Here's a free shipping link on purchases over$30
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    AF1 High Stash 2008 First Look

    Nice and clean colorway then you get the Stash treatment.
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    SBTG + Phu! presents mission 'Death from Above' G

    Amazing work as usual!
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    Official 'The Hundreds SF' Post

    Is it me or do you all of you also feel that they should drop the Los Angeles on the team hats and as much as they possibly can on most of the goods? As a die hard Giants Fan and a Bay Area resident, I just can't wear anything that says Los Angeles. It's embedded in my DNA.
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    Official 'The Hundreds SF' Post

    I swung by at about 1:30 and it took about 1 1/2 hours to finally get in. The Hieroglyphics colab in Black was a wrap in the first 30 minutes from what theemployees said. That was the only tee I was really after. I ended up with The Hundreds in the black and orange and couple of other tees...
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