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    NY or California ?

    Stay where you are, were good here. California as whole
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    Anyone else in the mid 20 Age group just feel a little out of place with things?

    I think its time someone put a Stop Payment on your reality checks. Thats some truth right there, this thread is pure truth just turned 24 today.
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    Crystal Castles II appreciation.

    Vietnam feels like a video game or something...I feel like im in a helicopter. pap smear, and BAPTISM
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    New Chromatics album is really good

    could always buy it
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    10 New Cars with the Highest Percentage of Female Ownership

    Nice to see my XB not on there
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    THE HUNGER GAMES: May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

    Not a fan, went in hoping for it to be good. Left disappointed.  I can see why people like it though
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    Anyone looking forward to The Governator featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger?

    Arnold meets ironman? If this came out mid 90s I would of loved it. Cant say the same now
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    Skipping rent to buy kicks!!!! People actually do this.

    Priorities man, not everyone has the same ones. I think that who ever said that is an idiot but im sure a lot of people on Niketalk do the same..
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    Coachella 2012 : April 13-15, 20-22 in Indio, CA Streaming on Youtube THIS WEEKEND

    Coachella is in 20 days, for the first times in 6 years I dont really feel like going?
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    Cudi WZRD jan 30th

    I agree with you, but it is better then lil wayne and id take this all day everyday over it. It was desire and not the chromatics, The mixing of his bad singing and her sample did come off pretty bad
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    Cudi WZRD jan 30th

    Where did you sleep last night is a really good cover, Kudi came correct.  Iono first couple spins im liking about 4 songs, im sure the rest will grow on me. Teleport to me, Jamie is really good to. Good sample of the Chromatics, even though I feel like his voice and the sample are a little off.
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    Official Jeremy Lin Thread.

    Wahhhh wahhhh wahhhhhh
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    Official Jeremy Lin Thread.

    Wahhhh wahhhh wahhhhhh
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