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    Your favorite commerical on TV?

    Dairy Queen.. Before the BUD commercial
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    thanks.. Wow i didnt even know that was Tera Patrick.. and i own her dvd
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    dont mean to beast in this thread.. but.. INFO ON THE GIRL IN THE SUPREME TEE??? and pls post og. thanks
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    Coolest Youtube vid. you've never seen, Vol. Ni idea

    saw this vid like 2 weeks ago.. thought it was pretty cool/interesting
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    yeah she's "o.k" but her dancin increases hear beauty rep x 10 dancer girls always get me
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    playing basketball helps stretch bones to grow taller?

    im filipino and have been playin ball my whole life.. 6'3.. yet most of the other older flips i play with remain 5'6 and below lol guess genetics helps
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    Zeitgeist The Movie. Discuss?

    i really thought the 9/11 section was interesting and it all made sense to me.. however, the religion segment was extremely biased good documentary regardless
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    Anybody read about the earthquake supposedly bigger than the 1906 one?

    man i've been hearing this kind of stuff since i was like 5.. scary to think about though
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    Kobe & LeBron: "We'd beat Magic and Bird two on two"

    different era. different players. different emphasis on the game of basketball
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    New Will Ferrel/ John C. Riley movie - Step Brothers- plz dont be another "semi-pro"

    I didnt expect Semi-Pro to be funny but this trailer actually had me laughin Will Ferrel x John C. Riley = im hopin this doesn't turn out to be another disappointment.
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    Official Nike ID Thread NEW!!!!! Post our pictures

    nice i'll mos def be making some premium highs sometime in the near future... anyone know if these still run big?
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    Official Air Jordan XX3 Black/Stealth Post 2/23/08

    at the DVD that it comes with went to the NTSF release party to cop but sold out of my size before i even got into the store. luckily i went to a sleeper spot to cop
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    Official 'The Hundreds SF' Post

    i like how every hundreds tee shirt has a collab with Cartoon Network
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    swoosh! inside nike (tv show)

    Only got to catch the ending.. mainly talked about nike and how they got affiliated with the skateboarding scene. Then they started to brush up on the hype of thier shoes (mainly SB Dunks)and how P-rod came about. seems pretty interesting.. i need to catch the entire show. The Comcast info...
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    ::Glow In The Dark Tour::

    Does this password go towards ticketmaster or something??? im a noob when it comes to concerts, esp. one this big. n dont tickets go on sale 2/13/08???
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