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    Lakers Game lassnite : Oregon Ducks V

    Was watching the game against the Nuggets lassnite and saw a white dude courtside rocking the Jordan V Oregon Ducks colorway anyone catch that, looks like Mark Wahlberg and before flames are up havent posted on NT for a long time never did like the new look or how so many threads are made now as...
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    Air Jordan 5 "Grape" MAY 4th, 2013 - $160

    Lakewood Footlocker called me . Nice. First raffle won in a size 9
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    Molly Aint That Bad: No Brain Damage From Ecstasy, New Research Shows

    The "Mollies" you guys are getting prolly aren't real authentic Mollies to begin with lol...Mollies don't cost anywhere near $5-12 you be paying...more than likely laced with other stuff or just caps crushed in to think your really taking pure...without testing if it is or not...
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    Sisqo...Breezy...Guy from LOST...USA...vs Koreans

    if the real Sisqo was in it....maybe
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    Thank you for helping NikeTalk & Room to Read build a preschool in Sri Lanka!

    Outside of all the boob, butt and masturbation, flame wars, I drive, I have this or I'm better than you threads I'm happy to see there is one great cause in NikeTalk still Been here since 2000 this is my 2nd handle and happy to see that being on here still can result in some type of generous...
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    Official NBA 2012-2013 Season Thread

    he hit that with 0.03? better than fisher's? lol
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    The "DAMN I remember them!!!" Vintage Nike Thread!!!

    You never rocked any of your joints? Craazy
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    Official Air Jordan 3 "White Cement" '88 Retro - Retail $200

    They prolly gonna make only 88 in the world in honor of 1988 or even worse 3 for the serial # Jordan it is in the know how JB is either that or they gonna charge $500 ....dipset Honestly rather have them re-retro the Infrared VI w/ no pack and do it right...right material...
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    Most/More Overrated Hypebeast Jordan series ...the Doernbecher or the BIN ?

    Wrong to ask a question? Been on here since 2000 and we used to do that all the time wasn't always a thread on what's coming out ... :rolleyes
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    Most/More Overrated Hypebeast Jordan series ...the Doernbecher or the BIN ?

    Dont care for neither really...the Doernbecher III's are pretty nice but both series are rather fairly overdid and for one reason and one reason only...yea I know the Doernbecher story but the resale money people slang the shoes for does not go to those kids at that hospital, so outside of that...
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    Carmine VI $700 and Black Red XIII's like $500
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    Yea that guy doesn't have the best prices DB IX's he wants $600 when they goin for $400, for Motorboat Jones he wants $400, Infrared VI (from the pack but just one shoe) he wants $600, I think his Yeezy 2's are $4500
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    Air Jordan retro IV THUNDER QUICKSTRIKE 12/22 before the end of the year

    lol @ the way Bred XI's is used so loosely now...still sounds ******ed
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    Black "Stealth" Foamposite ones!!! December 14th, 2012 - A FRIDAY!!!!

    Well those never appealed to me....the shade of that red doesn't go well just doesn't seem to match for me in that regard I'm sure a lot would have agreed....stealths just a classic clean fall/winter colorway I had to have....and I don't like any of the gym greens, coppers, polarized...
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