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    2016 NISSAN Maxima

    new interior pics
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    BMW Factory Rims...can someone help me identify these rims?

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    2014 Free Running Collection

    one more day!
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    2014 Free Running Collection

    damn, all 3 are copped
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    Post Your Desktop

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    Post Your Desktop

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    Post Your Desktop

    info on weather ?  and og porfavorrrr
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    2015 Nissan Sports Sedan (obviously the new maxima)

    Detroit, Michigan – An atomic sunrise came to mind as the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept came into focus on its stand at the 2014 Detroit auto show. Sure, the orange hue on this car is visually radioactive, but also this Nissan concept represents a burst of creative energy that that will define a...
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    The BEST of the WORST logo designs Vol. Alot of innuendo in here

    ohhhhhh nevermin i see it now hehe
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    The BEST of the WORST logo designs Vol. Alot of innuendo in here

    i dont see nothing wrong in the dancers one? and the olympics logo is lisa simpson giving bart some dome
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    Hood Rich: Chrome Mercedes-Benz R500 on 30-Inch Wheels

    da feels have been rustled
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    I hope none of you guys let your hairline get like this....

    He just needs to move the edges back an inch or so. theyre too close together
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    Deca - Breadcrumbs

    this legit made me smile, i havent heard music like his in yearsss
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    Say there's a fly in your car...

    this is true.
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