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    HBO Max | Out Now |

    first ep was pretty slow and I was about jump out on ep 2. And then something happened in the club that hooked me in. Show def started with the swerves after that.
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    HBO Max | Out Now |

    Waited 10 yrs for that ending...smh Binging might be the way to go bc the disappointment of waiting all those years for that ✌🏾ending✌🏾won’t be there.
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    HBO Max | Out Now |

    Gomorrah byke.
  4. thegr8blkhope

    HBO Max | Out Now |

    Haha, I don’t eem know what to tell you bruv. Enjoy the ride.
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    HBO Max | Out Now |

    Probably late but I’m just catching up with this NXIVM cult doc: The Vow. ...y’all wild.
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    HBO Max | Out Now |

    when she did the wink to the kid I knew it was a wrap. Shout out to hbomax tho for saving my time and money; I would’ve been pissed coming out the theater.
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    Peloton Bike

    Bike+ is 8 days from delivery. Ordered 10/23 so I’m happy about 6-7 week delivery time. Used to run but knees and back have pretty much stopped that so I’m happy to get back on the wagon. Anyone using cycling shorts they love? Appreciate any recommendations.
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    Older Niker Talkers 30+

    pretty accurate for what my 30s has been like so far. I’m 33, legit just finally threw my Nike headbands away.
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    Older Niker Talkers 30+

    just did my morning back stretches.
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    Do you guys think this is the best colorway of the Jordan 14’s?

    Never had 14s (I think they look weird on big feet) but I do think this is the best c/w. My friend had copped a pair of these. He stood too close to a campfire and melted part of them; first weekend. 😔
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    AJ IX Dark Charcoal/Gold Jan 22 2021

    Blk/Light Olive. **** them boots, bruv.
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    The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

    I think it depends on what you’re expecting. Its not action packed; only one cop fires their gun in the entire series. If youre into great acting from the entire cast and a show that goes the length to ensure no scene is wasted- you’ll be good from the start. If that’s not you then there’s a...
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    NA Military Blue Jordan 4

    My Mike Air pair got stolen outta my trunk in college; saw the thread and thought it was finally time to get busy. **** hurts, man.
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