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    LC on a pair of 2013 Royal 1's

    Try to see if you can get tagged and date pics from the seller
  2. thumper1226

    LC: DMP black and red 1s

    Bought this from a member here, no disrespect to the seller, I do this with all shoes
  3. thumper1226

    LC penny V dolphins

    Smh I meant mullins, haha when I seen mullins I automatically thought chris mullin the from golden state warriors
  4. thumper1226

    LC penny V dolphins

    Ty chris, any other input?
  5. thumper1226

    LC penny V dolphins

    I didnt realize they had so many replicas of this cw penny so a lc would be nice for peace of mind
  6. thumper1226

    LC penny V dolphins

    Just bought these off a member here on NT. Just wanted to get verification on these
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