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    2012 MLB NL CENTRAL THREAD (where the big boys play)

    Have no idea what to expect this season. I predict the Reds win the division though.
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    New Orleans Saints engaged in bounty program ... UPDATE 9/7: Saints Players Win Appeal!!! Will play

    I might be mistaken, but I think the NFL did acknowledge some hits should have been flagged. I'm all for hard hits etc etc but this seems a bit overboard.
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    Official Jeremy Lin Thread.

    That video....
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    Official Jeremy Lin Thread.

    That video....
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    Randy Moss WANTS TO COMEBACK?????

    Someone will give him a shot. Catch one more TD and get second all-time outright.
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    Are "bandwagon" accusations the new go-to insult for successful teams?

    I ain't gonna lie, I get on bandwagoners because I am bitter at life. My teams ain't even sniffed a ring. It sucks!
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    Being emotionally invested in sports/teams unappreciation

    As I've gotten older I've tried to not let it get to me, but it's stupid hard. I have yet to experience any championships but I swear, if I do, Jesus can return because my life will be complete.
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    KG don't give a !#%%

    Relax.  No one is questioning his HOF credentials, or his contributions to his team, or his role vs. Peeler's.  All I'm saying is KG must have some serious self control to at least not attempt to knuckle up when you got clocked in the chin.  Either that or he didn't want it.
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    KG don't give a !#%%

    KG didn't want it with Anthony Peeler.
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    E:60 Feature On Scott Hall...Feels Bad Man

    Word that dude pissed me off.  X-Pac and Nash shoulda went after him. 
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    McNabb benched in Minnesota RIP Career 09/19/1999-10/18/2011

    Good riddance.  Knew it was a terrible signing from the beginning.  
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    Official Minnesota Vikings @ San Diego Chargers Week 1 Thread FOX 4PM ET

    Completely unacceptable.  Never thought we'd still be an undisciplined football team.
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    Adrian Peterson just made CJ mad...

    He won't sniff $100 mil, but 40 over 3 years is nice.
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