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    Official Nike Air Max Penny 1 Updated - 2014 Retro Coming!

    I’ve looked everywhere on NT and have had NO luck. Any tips on how to revive the right shoe Nike Swoosh??? The left shoe is still nice and blue whereas you can see the other has turned a turquoise color. Appreciate it
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    Reebok Question to return in 2012.

    Questions have always been half size down for me
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    I need some help... As y'all can see the bubble Swoosh on the right shoe of Penny 1's has yellowed in the last few years to the point where it is greenish while the left shoe is basically pristine. I'm trying to fix and unyellow so it can go back to the original royal blue color. Also would...
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    Nike Air Max Plus Thread

    Anyone know where I can cop the Sunsets besides Foot Locker with a discount? They still showing up excluded from discounts.
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    Nike Air Max Uptempo '95 Retro Vol. Duncan, Garnett, Pippen

    They need to retro the Black/White pair
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    Jordan 6 Retro Infrared 9.5

    AGREEMENT I, untouchable jc, agree to purchase the 2019 Air Jordan 6 Infrared size 9.5 for $200 USD with OG box, shipping and fees included from, whoaitsgee, on Sept. 3rd, 2019.
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    FS: 2016 Jordan IV white cement

    You still have these available?
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    The Official Nike Air Max 90 Thread

    What’s the sizing on these like? Thinking of getting a pair of the Viotechs. Last pair of AM90’s I had were the 2010 Infrareds. I remember they fit a bit tight. I wear 9.5 in mostly everything, example: Jordan 5, Jordan 3, Air Max 1.
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    The Official Nike Air Max 90 Thread

    How do these run? I’m a 9.5 in most shoes. AM1’s, Jordan 3’s for example. Last pair of AM90’s I had were the Infrareds in 2010. Those felt kinda small if I remember correctly.
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    Nike Zoom Kobe IV PROTRO Feb 2019

    Never had the 4's but I had like 3 pairs of the Kobe V's. Is the sizing the same on these as those were?
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    Five Year Old Girl Raped in India

    Them dudes in India are messed up. WTF
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    Jordan 6 Retro Infrared 9.5

    You still got these for sale?
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    Official Supreme Thread F/W Week 16: Box Logo SZN

    My favorite tee gotta be the Riders. Graphic is simple but dope
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    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    Just got my new ride today.
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