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    RIP to "da hood" ? educated young adults moving back to the inter city

    Same with Excelsior, Vis Valley, and have you seen Protrero Hill lately?!?! and every other "hood" of the city. (if were talking about the same city) But gentrification is goin do its part. And sooner or later Daly City will be the new "hood" :{:{:{:{:{:{
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    If you had money would u still have problems?

    All immediate problems would go away. And a thousand rich-people problems would just never end, such as: wheres the yay at... whos baby mama is this... need a new house for all my cars... bottom line: mo money mo problems. aint no way around it.
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    RIP to "da hood" ? educated young adults moving back to the inter city

    LA'S not even a city. More like a huge suburb. Thats what im sayin!
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    RIP to "da hood" ? educated young adults moving back to the inter city

    This. Been livin in the hood all my life just found out a house 2 doors down sold for 1.6 mil..... to crackers... point is i guess its good for the community. but bad for locals. HELL YEAH IM GONNA PLAY 2 LIVE CREW UNTIL 3AM DEAL WITH IT
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    Real Or Fake

    Rodman was born in San Antonio. must be real. -_-
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    Where have all the OG Niketalk members gone?

    Probably still on the old niketalk man.
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    What are the places to avoid in CA?

    You can also take the BART...... oh wait.....
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    What are the places to avoid in CA?

    Places to Avoid in San Francisco: Hunters Point Tenderloin Fillmore Places to avoid in Oakland/Eastbay: West Oakland Moraga (VERY scary) Good Luck
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    Post your Hobbies!

    try picking up a new sport wasnt really into soccer until i started playing. -co-ed slowpitch softball league. .....some other sports i recommend: Longboarding San Francisco paintballing crew (if you know the people) stargazing (hobby)
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    Is Harder To Skate or Surf?

    Definitely surfing. You can take a bus to get to a top of the hill. When you go surfing you always have to swim out.
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    Post your Proudest Video Game Moment

    Winning regionals in 2k5
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    Cross Country...Vol. Roadtripping

    A bunch of my homies went was able to visit every mlb park before the summer ended. they said yelp was one of the passengers.
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    ***BLizz Entertainment-----> The World Of Warcraft. StarCraft .Diablo Who Plays ? Nerds Check in***

    any tips to stay alive with WD? im destroying the world like i own it, but you die so easy with wd... i triple stacked my vitality scored via gear.... am i doing something wrong? or does WD usually die hella fast?
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    The older you get, the less friends you have....

    Is it easier, now, to keep in touch with your friends from high school if you had a bigger group of friends graduating from hs or small group of friends. i ask this because everyone in the big group ended up going to college together so nobody really left anywhere. But my other group of...
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    Most clever or witty comebacks to online banter?

    come on guys. he asked for witty or clever comebacks. instead were knocking him cleverly. just tell ya boy "I wave automatic guns at nuns"
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