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    tostino's pizza appreziation

    lol its either love or hate for these things man. There was a time when i used to  on the daily and these things were edible once in awhile but now theyd probly just sit in my freezer. Stouffers french bread pizzas and tombstone though are that crack.
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    ***OFFICIAL APRIL PICK UP POST*** vol. don't be a fool and quote pics...

    lookdown where you get those tiger camo army hats from i cant read the label on them. Looks like supreme though.
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    The greatest one liner I've heard in a lonnnng time.

    for real if you think this line is good im sure you never listened to buddens he drops sports or any relevant news rhymes all the time.
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    Niketalk is worth $490,472

    sell it and then we all move to a new site and then sell that and keep doubling up 
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    How to dance at College parties?

    jesus these gifs in here nt never fails 
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    Cormega Introduces M.A.R.S [Mega, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, & Saigon]

    There arent enough s to show how i feel about this
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    is 4'10 too short?

    short girls usually got some mass were gonna need some pics bruh.
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    How do you usually approach girls at parties?

    if you need to ask this question your ugly or not drinking enough.
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    Amazon accidently puts Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 on their site for pre-order.

    yo revolutionairy warfare would be sick. Imagine getting like a cannon killstreak instead of like a pred and blasting people across the map with it. Or getting a horse to ride around on 
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    NYC NT'ers do you curve your fitteds?

    some of them i curve a tiny bit no stickers though.
  11. wheaties

    Nike Air Max 90 "LAX" available now

    nike would have to pay me to step out the house with these on
  12. wheaties

    Update!!! So my friend is thinking of blowing up the school and I need advice

    damn i usually dont condone snitching but if you think hes capable and crazy enough you better say something before its too late.
  13. wheaties

    NT I present to you, a flock of Waka's

    i shouldnt have came in this thread when im drunk im probly woke up evry1 in my house
  14. wheaties

    SMDH: Boy fights 2 Girl at a highschool

    he probly could have avoided the situation better but i dont feel bad for any chick who tries acting tough then gets taught a lesson.
  15. wheaties

    NT, whats up with young heads today?

    dont let him play xbox until he gets a job and dont give him money and keep nagging him about getting a job. 
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