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    Nike X Designer Collabs: Next Up - FoG in 2018 - x MMW (ALYX) - CDG x Foamposites

    love that shoes in upper left, don't know what model is it, kinda look like flyknit lunar
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    AF1 Jordan pack another new color for 2016
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    Nike Free Mercurial Superfly & Nike Magista Footscape

    what are thosee?? 8o custom? that navy color is not part of HTM (some of the boxes has been mislabelled by Nike), for me i will not pay over 200 bill
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    Crazy sneaker line/campout stories

    i think during 2012 sneaker resellers hasn't started yet until yeezy came off after that it's getting worse each year
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    Crazy sneaker line/campout stories

    i will tell my story about my first experience sneaker line up. back then when i was in shanghai i was preparing to line up for lebron 10 cork (i'm collecting lebrons for years before that so lebron cork is a must have for me) and the worst thing at that time i don't have any idea how they gonna...
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    just came from flyknit thread and read this hillarious comment, someone is having bad day i guess:lol HAPPY AIRMAX DAY EVERYONE!
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    The Official Nike Kobe Retro Thread

    stumble across IG and found this :{ not even lottery draw safe from BOT attack
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    The Official Nike Air Max 90 Thread

    what is that am90? custom? only available at air max con?
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    The Official Nike Kobe Retro Thread

    what do u mean zoom generation ? this isn't lebron thread :lol or u mean zoom kobe 3?
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    Nike Retro Basketball? What do YOU want to see?

    nike zoom flight club pls retro it!!
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    what kind material they used on royal? suede or nubuck?
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    The Official Nike Kobe Retro Thread

    indeed neither i am, 4 and 5 i ge itt through multiple trades
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