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  1. kaycurrency

    Official Nike Kyrie IV Thread

  2. kaycurrency

    -I haven't logged-in in a while, How's everyone doing?-

    After NT changed its format... It just didn't feel "cozy" anymore... :lol How's everything holding up?...
  3. kaycurrency

    -It aint simping if you got it...- VOL:The Mormons go HARD lol

    The Mormon is just throwing bread at the black chick and he aint even hittin' that ..She's gettin' that reparation guap .....Women have it TOO easy.... I can't knock the hustle though....
  4. kaycurrency

    -Honestly... How many of you Heat "Fans" were Heat Fans before 2010? VOL: Yes, another Heat thread

    Keep it Real... These so called Heat "fans" in Chicago make me Sick... Didn't even know Miami had a basketball team before Lebron landed there (I'm kidding, but you get the point)
  5. kaycurrency

    -$30,000,000 Penthouse in the Trump Tower of Chicago... Who's about that life?

    A sneak peek at the Trump Tower penthouse More Sharing ServicesShare|Share on twitterShare on facebookShare on diggShare on googleShare on stumbleuponShare on myspaceShare on email Hey, Mr. Beanie Babies. Have I got a deal for you! Just about this time last year, as the economy was...
  6. kaycurrency

    -NT fam... I'm going to be a father!- UPDATE! 2nd ultrasound pic on PG.5 ...8 weeks!

    ...It feels unreal.... My girl is 6 weeks in... ...Another Chapter started, Wish me luck and keep my girl and my unborn in your prayers We do appreciate it...Stay Blessed!
  7. kaycurrency

    Anybody here wear "slowbucks" clothing? VOL: Gino Green Global 2.0

    Lol... I know its big in New York.... But the concept of their ONE design has no longevity
  8. kaycurrency

    -My Best Friends Father made it on Alleged Drug Dealer's Wife Wants 110 Designer Handbags Back From Feds There’s a Louis Vuitton shop  in Chevy Chase, Md., a mile from my home, in a collection of stores with Christian Dior, Gucci, Bulgari, Cartier and Tiffany & Co. Can’t say...
  9. kaycurrency

    -Players you used to hate, but now you love THREAD- Vol: "Ok, Maybe I was wrong...He's cool"

    Joakim Noah, I was sooooo heated when the Bulls drafted him...Even through his entire rookie season I was mad... But as he progressed and I saw how Hard he works.... I love this Guy!
  10. kaycurrency (Come on in and cop a Crew neck!) My Girl and her buddy are doing PR for Tris J of the Tooth Pick Clique (Sir Michael Rocks and friends) so I wanted to spread the word on NT! On This Website you'll find nice TPC T's, Hoodies, Crew-neck Sweaters and other TPC accessories... The Designs are pretty dope...
  11. kaycurrency

    -OFFICIAL Tris J thread "Tris World" Official Mixtape! Ft. Sir Michael Rocks (OUT NOW!)- #TPC Whats up NT fam'... My girl and her friend are doing Promo for a Chicago Artist named Tris J and after a few listens I honestly rock with dude. He aint just some "basement artist", He has tracks on his mixtape Produced by Lex Luger and...
  12. kaycurrency

    -OFFICIAL "What did Santa bring you for Christmas?!?" Thread- Vol: 2011

    The Wife bought me some Authentic Bulls Shorts
  13. kaycurrency

    -UPS workers, Will I recieve my package today?-

    I know some of you work for UPS, my last tracking status was "Arrived to Chicago" at 7:14am... Im in the burbs of Chicago... How does that work...Will I get it today or first thing tomorrow? The reason im asking is because I wanna meet the carrier at the door to avoid my %+%+ getting thrown...
  14. kaycurrency

    -So, Nobody copped that new Roscoe Dash "J.U.I.C.E."?- Vol: No Troll

    Every song I've heard him on is a banger...I really never checked for him though... Is the EP any good?
  15. kaycurrency

    -Broke my damn finger Vol: OUCH!- (Pics, Not too graphic though)

    Sooo, on November 16th I was hooping and I tried to reach in and intercept a pass and the ball hit the tip of my finger and I heard a -POP!-... I immediately hit the fetal position and screamed and cursed... I didn't even want to look at my hand...once I did, I noticed my finger wouldn't...
  16. kaycurrency

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Dr. Khallid Muhammad VS Phil Donahue (43 mins vid)

    The man held his ground... and had an answer for EVERY question Sorry if this is old [news to you]
  17. kaycurrency

    -Personal Fast Food Recipes- Vol: Southern style chicken Mcgriddle

    My Girl put me on...
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