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  1. stick

    Resolved Amazon links being treated as "media" - appear as blank posts on desktop

    Here's an example of a post with an Amazon link: On desktop it appears as though it's a blank post (at least in Google Chrome on macOS Sierra): It shows up correctly on mobile:
  2. stick

    Resolved Mobile - iOS - Nav Bar disappears after editing a post in Google Chrome

    This isn't a huge deal, just a nuisance. I'm using an iPhone 6s Plus on iOS 10.2.1. Here's a pic of what I'm referring to: Normal: After editing a post: It goes back to normal after you go to another page. But this behavior makes it annoying because in order to get to another page you have...
  3. stick


    The time has come. Fantasy Football season is here :nthat:. Top Fantasy Football research sites: Rotoviz - This has become my go-to site. Tons of content with very insightful data-driven articles and apps/tools for projections and research. Weekly D/ST streamer, QB streamer, TE streamer...
  4. stick


    The best time of the year is approaching. With the draft over, OTAs and minicamp finished, and training camp right around the corner, I figured it'd be a good time to start this thread back up. Let's use this thread to discuss drafting, player rankings, trades, etc. Here are some helpful links...
  5. stick


    Fantasy season is right around the corner, time to start researching and mock-drafting. Let's use this thread to discuss everything fantasy related- rankings, players, trades, etc. I'll drop some helpful links below. Rotoworld - My go-to site. Great articles and news blurbs for every player...
  6. stick

    Any NTers have a wheat allergy? (Not gluten)

    I've been getting hives and swollen lips, as well as having trouble breathing at an alarming frequency lately. I have pretty bad seasonal allergies so I thought that's what was causing it but I still wanted to get it checked out. A trip to the allergist found the most likely culprit to be wheat...
  7. stick

    Any Blackberry heads out there? 8o

    I tried searching to see if we had a Blackberry thread but the last post was from 2014 so I figured I'd start this one... I'm working with the iPhone 5 and the battery life has become so bad that the phone is almost unusable. It's also sluggish as hell and I experience occasional crashes. It's...
  8. stick

    eBayers: Global Shipping Program - Is it really this simple?

    Gonna throw some stuff on eBay and I'm gonna make international shipping available thru the Global Shipping Program. It just seems too good/simple to be true. If an international buyer wins, I just send it to the shipping center and then they do everything for me from there? At no cost to me...
  9. stick

    Partially painting a midsole: To strip or not to strip?

    I'm gonna be painting the midsole on a pair of Flyknit Lunar1s. I don't wanna paint the entire midsole, just the top grey layer. I wanna paint it white. What would be the best approach to doing this? Should I strip all of the paint on the entire midsole? Or should I just strip the grey paint...
  10. stick

    Anyone else's eBates never get credited unless they contact customer service?

    It seems like every time I order something and use eBates to get cash back it doesn't credit my account with the money. I usually have to go to the "Where's my Cash Back?" page and submit a request for them to look into the transaction. Sometimes even when I do that they just send me an email...
  11. stick

    Nike Lunar Fly306 QS - Anyone cop these?

    I ordered the University Royal pair off of NDC last Friday and they got here today. They're really comfortable but they're a ***** to actually get on your feet :lol. I felt like I was gonna rip the material when I first tried putting them on so I sort of just wiggled my foot into them. I also...
  12. stick

    Anyone got any info on this Nike Free Run 2 colorway?

    I was just browsing Footlocker Europe's website and came across this sick colorway. After googling it I can't find it anywhere else though. I know it's a longshot but does anyone know of any websites where I can cop closer to home 8o? Thanks in advance. Style Code is 540244-871 Colorway is...
  13. stick

    Quick question - Can you iron Nike Hyper Elite shorts?

    A pair of mine is pretty wrinkled and since they're a weird material I don't wanna mess em up by ironing them. Any help? 8o
  14. stick

    Any file hosting sites that allow more than 200mb per file?

    Most sites only allow up to 200mb an upload. The only one I could find is and for some reason it doesn't work on my computer on any browser. Anyone know of any sites? Goodlook.
  15. stick

    This is a longshot but I got a mixtape request: Pooda Brown is going away

    One of my boys is looking for this mixtape and can't find it anywhere. Anyone got a link or can upload it for me somewhere? It'd be greatly appreciated. :hat Here's the cover:
  16. stick

    Mods: Can we change the rules regarding avy size limits?

    The 150,000 byte limit for avatars on NT has been around forever, since the days when dial up was still common and the avatar sizes were 60x60px. Nowadays avatars are 100x100px and I'd be willing to bet that at least 90% of NT has a broadband connection. It's really hard to make a good looking...
  17. stick

    Anyone have any experience with expungements? Vol. Rescinded Job Offer

    I recently applied for a job, and after scoring very well on the pre-employment exam, nailing the interview and being offered the job, I received a phone call saying that I wasn't going to be hired because of my "criminal" history.  That criminal history is for two separate times of being...
  18. stick

    Anyone get anything similar from this clown?

    This all started on May 22nd, when I posted this in one of his threads: Fast forward to today when I check my PMs and see this: I'm still not sure if my son was serious or not.
  19. stick

    What would you do? eBay buyer requesting refund from me.

    I recently sold a pair of OG Aqua VIIIs on eBay. Their condition was beyond bad, and I adequately stated that in the auction. I looked over every nook and cranny of the shoes and listed each defect in the description. Here's the link to the auction...
  20. stick

    iPhone 4 glass replacement parts from Amazon - Which to buy?

    One of my buddies cracked the front and back glass on his iPhone 4. I know you can order the replacement parts on and fix it yourself for much cheaper than Apple charges. Problem is that there's a bunch of different products on Amazon to choose from. They all seem to be the same...
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