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  1. boredone1

    (Update: Didn't win, but have gotten Tees Made!/ Online Store!) Vote for me in the Karmaloop Street

    Hello, I'm BoredONE1 or as some of you may know me, @_RELLDOT_ on twitter. I'm a fresh out of college Graphic Designer with alot of ideas, dreams,etc. Hence this contest. The winner gets 5k and their shirts made in addition to promo etc. I'm not asking for aimless votes. (although, who am I to...
  2. boredone1

    New 45 Minutes of Dave Chappelle Stand-Up (On Hartford, CN, Lil Wayne, Kanye Story, etc.)

    :smokin crine @ his Lil Wayne impression. and smh at him only having CA tour dates currently.
  3. boredone1

    Pyrex Vision Vol. Tupperware?

    So as far as I know Pyrex Vision is a clothing brand which is Kanye West's graphic designer. (idk if that is exactly true, but thats what i've heard) But I just wanted to know what people think of the brand or better yet if you copped something from the brand. PYREX VISION by VIRGIL ABLOH ~...
  4. boredone1

    Serious Question. Vol. Something I've always wanted to know.

    Has anyone ever won a contest/ giveaway done by a corporation? Like when on a box of sodas they ask you to enter a code online to see if you win something. Or one of those vacation giveaways in the mail where you submit your info and put it in a box.  Or when taco bell, etc supposedly gives away...
  5. boredone1


    I was just informed Karmaloop is having a logo creation contest for a cash prize and lifetime discount. I'm 20, a Junior in college (broke ) and an aspiring graphic designer. Unfortunately it ends tomorrow, but I figure its worth a shot anyway. So I ask that if you like my logo, please vote for...
  6. boredone1

    GTA San Andreas On The RAGE Engine (GTA IV Graphics, Physics, etc.) !! [PC-Only] :Hattity :Hat :Hat So apparently the GTA modders are coming together to build San Andreas with GTA IV graphics and physics.   A beta of this will release in August. Mod Teams Website GTA Forums Thread ...
  7. boredone1

    Nike Sb Hawaii "Pele" Legit Check Please Help

    I just have these pictures to judge from. Please Help. I just copped these from ebay.
  8. boredone1

    Nike Sb Hawaii "Pele" Legit Check.

    Are These Legit? Thanks in advance.
  9. boredone1

    #NT Tinychat? Vol. sponsered by Edd0 and Henz0 Brnd Apparel
  10. boredone1

    My 2K10 Story....

    This happened a min ago..i figured id before cool story bro, multiple gifs, etc. Me and my roomate playin 2K10. I had the Magic, he had the Spurs…..we ballin, @%$# goes into overtime…..Ginobli hits a 3 with 7.4 seconds left on the clock, im down by 1. So i call a timeout, gather my...
  11. boredone1

    Can Some1 please help me??? Hyphy, Bay Area, MTV Jams Bay Day related....

    so im watching MTV Jams bay day. and i see a video i dont know the artist or song title. all i know is at the end they say "im so ooooonnnnnn" in ahigh pitched voice. and the video was set in like a houseparty/ cookout type deal. can some1 help me find the song? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
  12. boredone1

    Ill Lines From Movies.......

    Simply post dope, funny, etc. lines from movies. Be sure to include the movie. "U kno what? when u said that last time, i was kinda tripin right, but now, ur right, i am crazy. But you know what else? I DONT GIVE A #+%+!" - Bishop in the movie Juice "Nobod's gonna #+%+ on you, we're on...
  13. boredone1

    The Old School Rap Rumors LIst? Can Somebody Lead Me to it?

    There's this huge list of old school rap rumors (like Jay-z getting hit with a bottle by Pun) it circulates around every so often and if someone has it canyou post it?
  14. boredone1

    Imagine- Snoop Dogg ft. Dr. Dre Appreciation

    this song makes you think about alot of things. cool *!$ song.
  15. boredone1

    B.O.B Anyone? (The Rapper not the Song)

    Does anyone else mess with dude? I swear out of this little group of artists everyone is hyping up (you know cudi, aster roth, other people i haven t heard offetc, etc) he has to be the best along with Wale. His music is just so different. He has those country sounding songs and then he'll have...
  16. boredone1

    ***Official Lil Wayne Dedication 3 Thread*** (Freestlyes, Radio Rips, etc.)

    Release Date is November 14th Leaked Songs: Get Silly and Shootout All Tracks Below Are Dirty/RadioRip/DJ…. Lil Wayne - Shootout Download HERE Lil' Wayne & Jae Millz - *%#+ Pleaser...
  17. boredone1

    Is there a way to increase your text message inbox?

    See i have a lg voyager and it gets full around 200 messages. Meanwhilemy old crap razr still has 1000 messages in the inbox. I fail to see how a newer age phone would only hold less. Is there a way to increase my inbox size? YesI googled it.
  18. boredone1

    Post Your Favorite Cover Songs!

    ill post more later
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