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  1. str8drop

    Cousin Stizz Thread vol. BOSTON

     @VICTOR PAGE  posted the Shoutout video in a random thread like 2 years ago, been following him since  Dropped one of the best mixtapes of last year then came back earlier this year with Monda bruh is NEXT  
  2. str8drop

    "White Rappers, Clear of a Black Planet" NY Times

    Interesting read on how white rappers have found a way to succeed without necessarily being "accepted" pretty much sidestepping the larger part of hip hop world in the process. Edit: I just fixed the formatting 
  3. str8drop

    Madeintyo - Uber Everywhere?? / Private Club Records

  4. str8drop

    This E-40 - Choices video got 40+ rap cameos

    Its simple but I think it's a cool *** concept for the video, ***** got everybody from Ben Baller to Cam to Macklemore  This dude is a for real rap legend, 20+ years in the game, so its nice to see 40 Water get another track that dudes are messing with on a mainstream level.
  5. str8drop

    Why Black people are so good at sports vol. Startling revelations

     I thought this type of logic died a long *** time ago
  6. str8drop

    Y'all sleeping on Key! (formerly of Two9) vol. Helloooo????

    Key! been my favorite "new" artist for a min now. He started Two9 with Curtis Williams years ago, I guess as they started getting bigger he wasn't feeling how the industry was tryna take control of the group so he fell back and started doing his solo ****. He been bubbling for a while, ****** in...
  7. str8drop

    TUT - Preachers Son vol. my first music purchase in 2015

    Dude is outta Isaiah Rashad's camp, tape is solid IMO. I hear a lil Krit and Kendrick here and there I think he on to something tho and the concept is :hat Its free on livemixtapes but he has it up on his site where you can name your own price for the "high quality mp3" version...
  8. str8drop

    If your favorite rapper hopped out the closet today....vol. keep it 1hunna

    In 2014 everybody sexuality been under the microscope Young Thug, Makonnen, etc. now  they saying Shy Glizzy gay  Last night I was at the homie house we all getting ready to go out and he was playing some songs off that Rich Gang tape. Some of the other homies pulled up like "ay y'all really...
  9. str8drop

    The Neighbourhood/NBHD - #000000 & #FFFFFF (Feat. YG, Dej Loaf, French Montana, etc.)

    Indie rock band from Cali been making music for a few years, they had that Sweather Weather track that was huge last year. Jesse Rutherford the lead man is a big hip-hop fan (used to be in a rap group) and the rap/r&b influence is evident when you hear the drums, melodies, etc in their music. ...
  10. str8drop

    What happened to the Remix?

    I can't even think of the last time I was hyped for a official remix  Just Blaze summed it up a few years ago as to what happened with the artistry involved  I understand the purpose **** is still a shame tho  A lot of times ****** won't even bother with a new verse just tack on whoever the...
  11. str8drop

    Beanie Sigel Appreciation Thread Vol. FRESH OUT

    Bear witness to the greatest, can't beat us, join us Keep heaters on us, with red lasers Now fair warning, sure shots won't graze ya We hug corners, play blocks like Gators With bundles on us, serve tre's like waiters It's the life we chose... to hustle Can't stop it, can't knock it Half the...
  12. str8drop

    Who reinvented themselves better, 2Chainz or Juicy J?

    I was thinking about this the other day asked a bunch of the homies and almost exactly half said Juicy J half said 2Chainz  They're both rap vets Juicy being in the game since the early 90s with 3-6, 2Chainz since the early 00's with DTP. Both put out good albums last year IMO And both these...
  13. str8drop

    You know that MSU scholly gone now Vol. Jayru Campbell body slam Edit: Better angle  
  14. str8drop

    El Chapo had a deal with the U.S. Gov't all along

    CONFIRMED: The DEA Struck A Deal With Mexico's Most Notorious Drug Cartel REUTERS/Daniel Aguilar "El Vicentillo" being presented to the media in Mexico City on March 19, 2009.   An investigation by El Universal  found that between the years 2000 and 2012, the U.S. government had an...
  15. str8drop

    Spending too much money while under the influence UNappreciation

    Man I was looking at all the money I spent on NYE and had to just   **** never fails and I can't be mad at nobody but myself I consider myself a frugal spender and I'm not really a heavy drinker like that but when I  am drunk all dambs go out the window in regards to spending. In 2014, I gotta...
  16. str8drop

    Woman loses lotto ticket, finds out its worth 50 million

    Hamilton woman loses ticket, but wins big — $50 million bigKathryn Jones had no idea she was a multimillionaire until the OLG tracked her down and knocked on her door VIDEO: Happy winners Winner lost her ticket and didn’t know she’d won until OLG knocked on her door. HAPPY WINNERSCarmela...
  17. str8drop

    Some sad **** man: 1,250 people have spent about 12,000 years in prison for wrongful convictions

    The Number of Exonerations Continues to Grow As of Dec 2013 the number of exonerations documented in the United States was 1,250. Exonerations nationwide are documented in The National Registry of Exonerations,which is a joint project of the Michigan Law School  and Northwestern University...
  18. str8drop

    Who y'all think have the Best/Worst ear for beats?

    Whether y'all agree or disagree with the emphasis being placed on beats nowadays, they play an integral part in making someone decide if they wanna play your track out or cut that **** off 30-45 seconds in  If you can get good beats you can get people to listen regardless if you can...
  19. str8drop

    Jazze pha unappreciation thread vol. ladies and gentleman

    Out of all rappers, producers, etc. I don't think there's anybody I hate more than this ***** :lol Literally everything he touches is just garbage to me The only songs he had anything to do with that I can honestly say I liked aside from Sho nuff would be Area Codes w/ Luda and that Murphy Lee...
  20. str8drop

    Why is AAVE/Ebonics not respected as a legitimate dialect?

    Aight so I got a number like 2 weeks ago from a yamb I met at the studen union at my college I hadn't really chilled with her or nothing yet and I had saw her on campus going into her class so I hit her with a few text and was like "What you doing after class?" this broad replied back "-_- you...
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