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  1. dl2352

    WARP 1.9 vol. Top 5 Music Video This Year

    It's a couple months old but this Bloody Beetroots song still goes hard. Video captures the mood of the song so well.
  2. dl2352

    Parks and Recreation

    Am I the only one that is still giving this show a chance? So far the show has been completely underwhelming. For a comedy, the laughs are pretty sparse. Thatbeing said, I still want the show to succeed because Rashida Jones is in it. The reporter from the third episode was also . edit: oh...
  3. dl2352

    Why are halftime/postgame interviewers so unnattractive?

    It's not like they're saying anything insightful or shedding light on a new aspect to the game. All they need to do is ask simple questions like"What did you guys do to stop *insert player*?", "What will you guys do to continue this play in the second half?" etc etc. These are nothard questions...
  4. dl2352

    Texas Secession. Seriously?

    Anyone living in Texas have any input on this? Do people there really feel that strongly about it?,8599,1891829,00.html?xid=rss-topstories
  5. dl2352

    When Zombies Attack In Japan! vol. Saran Wrap

  6. dl2352

    As a multi-cultural American, how do YOU stay rooted?

    I am a first generation Chinese-American guy and I've wondered about this question for awhile. Growing up, I was always told that America's this greatmelting pot of cultures and, as I've grown older, this doesn't seem like such a great thing. While there are many different cultures that reside...
  7. dl2352

    Defense In NBA 2K9 vol. Stop LeBron or Kobe

    How can this be done? It seems like 80% of players choose the Cavs or the Lakers and just dunk every time down the court with either LeBron or Kobe. I've already learned how to stop people cheesing with JR Smith, Gerald Green, Josh Smith, etc. (just swipe while trailing) but I can't figure out...
  8. dl2352

    Pretty Girl That Can Sing

    The band is Hello Sunshine and the singer is Joy Bishop. They're based in San Diego. Girls that can pull off the short hair/androgynous look Yes, noboobs, no booty, yadda yadda keep it movin' Mods, please don't banish this post to the depths of the dungeons (music forum.) This is an...
  9. dl2352

    Hey NT, protect yourselves. Learn how to fight.

  10. dl2352

    Niketalkers on ********* right now.

  11. dl2352

    Kid Cudi vol. Put Me On

    Haven't really listened to any rap in like a year but I heard the Crookers Remix of Day N Night and I was intrigued. What are some mixtapes or albums Ishould be looking out for?
  12. dl2352

    ********* APPRECIATION vol. What is league pass?

    Most NBA fans on here already the deal but for those that don't, they have like every NBA game streaming live. Being able to watch your team's games away from home for free is appreciated.
  13. dl2352

    Photo Essay on Barack Obama

    http://digitaljournalist..../issue0810/callie-bp.html A really great photo essay done by a Time photographer. It's a nice glimpse behind the scenes into Obama'slife on the campaign. Some of my favorites: Senator Obama was doing press interviews by telephone in a holding room between events...
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