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  1. viiheaven

    Tanya Morgan - You & What Army (EP)

    Officially releases tomorrow, but here it is in all it's glory. Tanya Morgan (Von Pea & Donwill) present You & What Army
  2. viiheaven

    NT's own oo206oo x The Clink Room x New Era

    Our very own beard god, beard gang leader, oo206oo won a contest that resulted his design being put on a full-run of New Era fitted caps. The caps released last Sunday I believe, and since then, three sizes have sold out (7 1/8, 7 3/8, and . Just to promote supporting our own members in their...
  3. viiheaven

    Has anyone been selected for Federal Jury Duty?

    I got my notice in the mail, I'll be a Telephone Stand-By Juror some time next month. I've never served before, even Civil Jury Duty. Hoping the case gets settled somehow or I get dismissed since I'm Team Beard Gang and I'm Muslim. Just looking for advice of any sort on what to expect. Thanks.
  4. viiheaven

    Is Sprint service down in NYC for anyone?

    Me and a few of my co-workers with Sprint aren't getting any sort of signal here, even after reboots. Sprint Care Twitter doesn't have any official notice, is this happening for anyone else?
  5. viiheaven

    -- New John Mayer music --

    So John Mayer did a secret show at New York's Village Underground recently (which I was not made aware of ) and performed three new cuts. Not sure if they'll be on his next album or not (which is supposed to have a very folky-feel to it) A Face to Call Home
  6. viiheaven

    Pic Request: Two Latino guys in a tub

    Hey guys, I'm looking for that picture of those two latino guys who were in a bathtub together. INB4L
  7. viiheaven

    For My Bacon Enthusiasts

    Jones Soda Co. who is a prominent beverage company based out of Seattle, WA and used to put out the wildly popular Turkey and Gravy soda during the holiday season for years have teamed up with the creators of the cult-bacon product, Bacon Salt.. J&D's (whose motto is: Everything Should Taste...
  8. viiheaven

    Eid Mubarak/Eid Sa'eed to my fellow Muslims & non-Muslims!

    Today marks the end of Ramadan, I hope you all enjoy, went to Eid salaat and are spending time with your loved one. And especially, eat up!  I hope today is a peaceful day for everyone, both Muslim and non-Muslim. A little general information from Wikipedia about Eid-ul-Fitr:
  9. viiheaven


  10. viiheaven

    [[----Janelle Monáe - Cold War (Video)----]]

    Seriously, she mesmerizes me. I could watch this over and over again. .....Not to mention the song is great.
  11. viiheaven

    Is Mike Piazza broke?

    If not, why is he in commercials? Check 0:04-0:07
  12. viiheaven

    Am I the only one who sees Abraham Lincoln?

    This girl posted a picture of a kitten sleeping and I swear I see Abraham Lincoln in this kitten's stomach. I've even made helpful pictures. Picture of Lincoln for reference: This is how a cat with a stove pipe hat would look:
  13. viiheaven

    Yuku Convert?

    Anybody else have that little 'gift' at the top of the screen?
  14. viiheaven

    9th Wonder On Illmatic (Live Stream)

  15. viiheaven

    [[:: B.o.B. - 2010 ::]]

    I'm glad someone finally took the time out to say it. Only the first half of the skit is what's really important: "2009, we had a lot of Patron, we had a lot of swag, we had a lot of auto-tune, we had a lot of things. But now, this year is going to be a little different. You know, I feel like...
  16. viiheaven

    FourSquare !%#*$!%+**#+, do you use it?

    If you don't know what it is, imagine Twitter + Yelp/Zagat in one app.
  17. viiheaven

    Are your posts disappearing too? Vol. Yuku FTL...again.

    Hey guys, I see a bunch of my fellow #NT Twitter mates saying that their posts are disappearing in threads. I figure others have the problem as well. The staff is always encouraging us to report these problems to Yuku so they can fix them faster so I made a thread. Perhaps you guys should post...
  18. viiheaven

    [[ 2dopeboyz presents: Donwill (of Tanya Morgan) - Laura's Tape ]]

    Download here If you haven't heard of Tanya Morgan, give a listen to their 2009 LP Brooklynati. Personally, I think it was a Top 10 Hip-Hop album of 2009. They got great reviews from plenty of respectable sites as well. As for Donwill, he's probably the most lyrical of the trio, so this should...
  19. viiheaven

    [| -- B.o.B x DJ Drama x DJ Sense - May 25th -- |]

    Courtesy of B.o.B - May 25th simply amazing.
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