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  1. trilluminated

    tattoed eyebrows attractive?

    was talking about this with my girl and i told her that no man would find that attractive..
  2. trilluminated

    dudes in serious relationships..

    How do you guys keep the relationship fun and interesting? How do you avoid getting tired of hitting the same vagina? other than cheating of course..
  3. trilluminated

    post your keys or EDC (every day carry)

  4. trilluminated

    asking for info on females posted in the women threads...

    like what's the point seriously? other than finding more pics to fap too..
  5. trilluminated

    RIP to el chavo del ocho..

    goodbye to a comedic genius..  
  6. trilluminated

    OG Maco****emx3-feat-migos-produced-by-ducko-mcfli bringing crunk back.
  7. trilluminated

    what are you sipping on these days? (non-alcoholic drinks)

    water arnold palmer (i like to experiment with all types of sweet teas and lemonades) blue and red powerade mixed
  8. trilluminated

    what phrase or word have you been repeating as of late?

    out loud or in your head.. i can't be the only one does this..
  9. trilluminated

    what do you call your girl? other than her name obviously...

    chula baby mija pretty girl preciosa pretty face
  10. trilluminated

    describe yourself with 5 emojis or less..

    1285271285321279111278669981️ or smileys for the desktop users.
  11. trilluminated

    terms of endearment.. not the movie.

    i know NT is full of heartless goons but we all like affection.. so i ask, what do you like to be called by a significant other? i personally love it when a woman calls me honey, that **** does something to the god.
  12. trilluminated

    post your Trap playlist(s)

    and i ain't talking about that EDM **** either.. this is my current.
  13. trilluminated

    commercials that actually worked on you...

    i can proudly admit that the butterfinger cup super bowl commercial made me buy one.. and goddamb they're delicious.
  14. trilluminated

    how often do you check your bank account?

    i'm on that **** like it's twitter.. thanks to the BofA app.
  15. trilluminated

    what are your "beatles"?

    for me it would be between.. ugk three 6 NERD clipse Dipset beach house D12 OutKast wu-tang damb, that was harder than i thought it would be.. :lol
  16. trilluminated

    what's your greatest discovery in the search of new music?

    The Weeknd for me.. that **** just speaks to me brah. honorable mention.. toro y moi-causers of this.. the greatest love album of all time, IMO, of course.
  17. trilluminated

    this girl is the truth.. so far she only has an EP out named bikini daze with these 4 songs. 2014 is hers, though.. album comes out in march.
  18. trilluminated

    where i'm from...

    if someone calls you a fool it's actually a compliment.. post yours
  19. trilluminated

    young thug... Barter 6 out.

    best 1-2 punch in the game right now.. they can hold they're own too.    
  20. trilluminated

    who fell off more?

    skyler white or jessica brody? i say skyler
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