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  1. longrange3ball

    NT Military Members: Combat Boot Recommendations?

    USAF here... just wanted to see if y'all had any boot recommendations. My old boots are getting pretty worn out, so I figure it's time for a change. I'm not out on the field/flight line, so the heavy duty/steel toed boots aren't necessary. I'm looking into the Rocky C4 Trainer just cause it's...
  2. longrange3ball

    The "OMG He/She is in this movie?!?!?" Thread

    For those moments when you're watching a movie for the first, second, third, etc time... and you go "HOLY $#@! that's the guy from ______" As for me today, watching Rush Hour 2 again, I realized... is Jeremy Piven, or Ari Gold Totally mind blown. Anyone else had moments like this?
  3. longrange3ball

    Favorite Vol. All sports

    Kobe, Moss, Ichiro, Pacman
  4. longrange3ball

    The Most Anticipated/Hyped Non-Playoff Game? Vol. Not Heat/Cavs

    Watching the Cavs/Heat game this week made me think about this question. What non-playoff game created so much hype and anticipation leading up to the actual game? My pick: Shaq vs Yao, 1/17/03. Rising star Yao gets his first match-up against the NBA's best center and the defending world...
  5. longrange3ball

    Kobe received advice from... the King of Pop? Vol. Good Read

  6. longrange3ball

    Accurate or not? Vol. Treadmill Calorie Counter

    To those of you who run on the treadmill or are familiar with exercise equipment, etc. How accurate is the calorie burning calculator on treadmills? Some (friends who are into fitness, websites on google) have said that as long as you enter your weight, it should be accurate enough, while...
  7. longrange3ball

    NT, How many states have you been to?

    And I'm not even talking about driving through... but you actually spent a decent amount of time there (like at least a day) to soak up the atmosphere. Just trying to see if folks here are well-traveled stateside. Anyhow, for me it's 9 states, and by years end, it'll be 10. California (where...
  8. longrange3ball

    Early morning workouts.... breakfast or no?

    I've come across this dilemma while waking up relatively early to go on a run and/or do a couple of workouts. Is it good to eat breakfast (or something simple) before you go, or is it better to go out on an empty stomach and eat after you finish up? I've tried both, and on an empty stomach I...
  9. longrange3ball

    Old Spice Commercials Apprecation Vol. Terry Crews

    These are just brilliant.
  10. longrange3ball

    Your favorite video game tunes?

    I've always paid attention to video game music... which IMO is by far the best study/relax music to listen to. And yes, I'm quite aware we have a music forum, but the majority of NT's gamers lounge here in general. I got a lot of favorites, but here are the ones that stand out at the moment...
  11. longrange3ball

    Thoughts from 25-35 Year Olds

    Got this in an email today. A few of these you might have heard before, but I found most of these to be true. Gave me the good I needed for the day. Thoughts from 25-35 year olds -I wish Google Maps had an "Avoid Ghetto" routing option. -More often than not, when someone is telling me a...
  12. longrange3ball

    NT College Folks: Open or Closed book/notes exams?

    This being finals week for me, I can't figure out whether I enjoy the open book/notes exams or the old fashioned nothing-but-your-brain-and-pencil exams. The closed everything exams tend to be easier... but I cant help but feel like a dumb $%#@ when I can't figure out something. The open...
  13. longrange3ball


    Sorry if posted before, but this made me , especially at 7:45 in the morning. Enjoy.
  14. longrange3ball

    What's with dudes not flushing the urinals?

    About 95% of the time when I use a public bathroom, the urinal is full of one of the following... a) light yellow colored liquid b) dark yellow colored liquid c) beer colored liquid Do y'all fools not flush? I mean... you gotta wash your hands after you go anyway, so might as well use your...
  15. longrange3ball

    College Heads: day or night classes?

    Just got out of class not too long ago. After 4 years of being in college, I still can't decide whether I like day or night classes. Pros of Day: - Usually done by noon or a little after than that - Night time for yourself Cons of Day: - Waking up early - Usually have to take afternoon naps...
  16. longrange3ball

    Roommate having his/her gf/bf over all the damn time unappreciation Vol. single life FTW

    In my case... roommate having his gf over all the damn time. I share a room with one of my friends, who happens to be dating a friend I've known since high school. It used to be cool when he first moved in, but nowits getting pretty annoying. Her stuffs in the closet, the living room tables...
  17. longrange3ball

    Is there anyone on NT that plays games on...
  18. longrange3ball

    im kinda bored...any good games to play online ?
  19. longrange3ball

    Random things you used to be scared of as a kid...

    Neigborhood Watch Sign Port-a-potties Post yours.
  20. longrange3ball

    Traffic due to %#$ happening on the otherside of the freeway UNAPPRECIATION

    Alright, was on my way back home for the weekend, and it's usually a 1.5 hour drive. Today, it happened to be 1 hour longer. It wasn't even rush hourtime yet, so I figured either construction or some accident happened up ahead. 1 hour later... I got my answer. An accident indeed did happen. ON...
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