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  1. swaynomics

    Hey what was Collison wearing From OKC MAY 27, 2012???

    I believe they were KD IIIs but wasn't sure, can anyone help me with images???
  2. swaynomics

    Swaynomics Collection Post

    Sup NT, i been doing this for about 4 yrs been a member for 5 and a sneakerhead for 8 yrs lol its a very small collection but i take pride for what i have i love each pair i owe and all have been unDS well i think i a have a few im waiting till summer time but majority are  BTW sorry for the...
  3. swaynomics

    Trying to help a friend, Legit Check, AJ 12 Taxi

    my friend pic this up from an ebayer, i dont know too much bout fakes i told him they look a lil suspect but would like some clarification 
  4. swaynomics

    Who knows how to dye a sole???

    i have a pair of "bulls" VIs and they are yellowing would love to dye the sole black but have no idea of how to go bout it, can anyone help me????
  5. swaynomics

    Those who DYE their SOLES!!!!!???

    Got a question, how do u dye the sole of for ur shoe??? Can u tell me the tools and procedure use??? (here's some references, not my pictures)
  6. swaynomics

    Supra "snowflake pack"

    i personally like the skytop, very creative as far as xmas theme shoes
  7. swaynomics

    Need HELP!!! Can someone give ADVISE me?

    ok i just recently copped the grey/orion blue griffeys and i wanted to paint the mid-panel white. If someone can tell what is the best type of paint to buy that is long-lasting and that leather can take? i would greatly appreciated. BTW i do live near some art stores and by JOANN fabrics...
  8. swaynomics

    Eggplants in Chi-Town??!???

    does anyone have any info on what stores will be receiving a shipment?
  9. swaynomics

    ONLINE STORES?!!!? Lets help each other OUT!!!!

    I have been trying to look for a post for online stores to cop gear but couldnt find anything. So i decide to make one myself! Here is my lil contribution, iknow its not much but just to start it off. If there is a thread post it and lock it up.
  10. swaynomics

    Griffeys!!!!!Need Help Finding them!!!Chicago Only

    Ok heres a brief story i was in skool jobless couldnt get the Griff wen they first dropped and took me over a month to find a job, my b-day coming up thisfriday and payday is thursday soooo if any one knows any spots that still have em in stock in either colorway PM me or ur trying to sell them...
  11. swaynomics

    Air Max 1 Safari....July RD????Need Help!

    i could not find a thread for these but also had a question as to RD i kno its july 2009 but any specific day?? if theres a thread already just post the link and lock it thanks
  12. swaynomics

    Ur favorite tv shows in the 90's

    Ill start it off they just dnt make em like they use to
  13. swaynomics

    bE True 2 the Blue....

    Its confirmed this will be coming out in august 2009 idk if im late or this been posted already ooo well
  14. swaynomics

    A tee i made alllllll by my lil self....can i get some feedback from my NTers?

    Hey guys I am 19 year old from the CHI, I was bored so i decided to draw up a lil something and then ended up on the computer and made a TEE...i would likefeed back on what you think and how can i make it better...its pretty basic and simple...thanks in advance here is goes-
  15. swaynomics

    Nike Air Huarache Light Burst: Air Jordan 11 Inspired Pack

    IDK if ne1 posted this yet but oooo well Nike Air Huarache Light Burst: Air Jordan 11 Inspired Pack Red/Black- now the CG- imo i like em....just want to see wat others got to say bout em
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