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  1. calypso chanta

    Bachelor Party: Dominican Republic

    So, My homeboy from way back is hanging it up. He's gettin married in June and your boy is planning the bachelor party. We're swinging for the Dominican Republic for like 4 to 6 days -- any recommendations for: Deals regarding, hotels, etc...? Is Punta Cana the place to be? Is it not? Things...
  2. calypso chanta

    Hey. It's my birthday.

  3. calypso chanta

    Movie in Theaters: Whiplash

    This movie is flames. Fury, so far is the only thing that was as good, IMO. Go see it. 
  4. calypso chanta

    Dont Touch My Girl, Barry.

      This dude Mike, who's mans is this? 
  5. calypso chanta

    It's My Birthday. I'm Old.

    Turning 26 today.  Today marks the end of my youthful invincible days. Now, adulthood starts. Cheers NT.
  6. calypso chanta

    I need a car

    Back-story: I fell asleep at the wheel. Stupid.I walked out without a scratch, thank god. My '12 Corolla is gone   but the insurance covered it and it only had 28k on it  ------- Now, I gotta get another compact car. Budget is looking like less than $14k. I have good credit, so that's not an...
  7. calypso chanta

    School Me on Car Insurance

    Waddup NT. I have a 2012 Corolla and I need to make moves on getting car insurance.  I've gotten a speeding ticket last year (I hate our driving law enforcement VA ) but I have a decent driving record. Aside from checking with quotes from different places to get the best deal, is there any...
  8. calypso chanta

    Like Games? Good, check this out. It's free to play online, here. Vid, start at :28.   you're welcome.
  9. calypso chanta

    You Like DBZ? Good.

    I don't wanna get my hopes up....   BUT THIS LOOKS   
  10. calypso chanta

    Use Dropbox to *cough* Share Things?

    Well if you do, you might want to reconsider. Not that you should be sharing things anyway. Article is brief and talks about how hashing allows them to scan and remove files that copyrighted without going through your things. Pretty interesting stuff;  
  11. calypso chanta

    Between Two Ferns: Obeezy.   lol @ the hangover shots.
  12. calypso chanta

    Like Waterslides? What About This One?

    All of my boys would look at each other daring someone to go first. And when it's my turn, i'd look down the slide.... Nope.
  13. calypso chanta

    Now that's Brisk, Baby.

    Midwest and East coast heads ready for tonight/tomorrow?? I've never felt single digit cold before, i'll step outside for a sec and then go right back inside.
  14. calypso chanta

    Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2013 is on.

    Anyone watching? Girls are pretty but need a couple sandwiches....but still they be looking ......Good.
  15. calypso chanta

    Anyone ever pull a muscle in their jaw?

    Inb4 the oral sex jokes... I was eating this desert yesterday with some raspberries in it, and I think I bit down real hard on a bunch of those seeds. The left side my jaw throbs a lil when I try to bite down evenly. I'm sure it'll be fine in a couple days. This ever happened to anyone...
  16. calypso chanta

    Campbell Souuuuuuuuuuuuuuppp!

    Don't know if posted already but, idc :lol
  17. calypso chanta

    Whats Your Side Job? Vol: Making $ While Making $

    Whatup NT fam. Like the title says, what do you do to make money while you sleep? Inb4 drug dealing :rolleyes I know some people are *ahem* financially farther along than others, so it'd be interesting to know how you decided to do it and the process involved. I've just recently got my...
  18. calypso chanta

    Topical Storm/Hurricane Karen

    J/K East coast heads nervous at all bout the storm? I got a bad feeling....
  19. calypso chanta

    Sweet Animation, "Coin"

    Coin I posted this on my blog, but its too tight not share.:smokin :smokin
  20. calypso chanta

    Today, I turn into a quarter.

    Today I'm 25. When I was 24 I: Graduated College. Was broke. Had no car. Went to Trini Carnival. Got a job. Got my first place. Not broke. Have a car. Got a driving ticket. Woo!
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