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  1. jordan novice

    So I seent this on the gram

  2. jordan novice

    Aesthetic résumés? Vol. Yay or Nay?

    Résumés are one of the most boring things to look at. Hell, I'm tired of looking at my own résumé. Those of you who have had to shift through résumés, what's your opinion on more out of the norm résumés? We all know what a basic one looks like Then there's some that add a splash of color...
  3. jordan novice

    Niketalk Pics Thread

    Was moving some files around and found my old NT folder from my old computer on my external. I don't know why I saved any of these and at the same time, I'm kind of glad I did :lol
  4. jordan novice

    Has anyone here ever had their will done?

    Just curious, I know a lot of people are just going to tell me to go to a lawyer, but how much should I be spending? This isn't for me btw, more so a question to help my father. We spoke with a lawyer not too long ago and he was going to charge us $2k! So I've seen things such as LegalZoom and...
  5. jordan novice

    Self help books?

    I was never much of a reader while in school, dreaded it actually. Now that I'm an adult and feel completely useless with my time, I'd like to be more productive. With the year still relatively new, I'd like to better myself. What are some of the best self help books you have read? They can...
  6. jordan novice

    The Karmaloop Era

    All those huge prints all up on my shirts back then :lol Some are still dope but I'm just a little too old to be wearing huge graphic tees like that anymore What were some of your favorites?
  7. jordan novice

    Remember your Super Soaker?

    There's a detailed database about all this stuff with stats and everything. It's serious business. Found the two that I used to have! What was your loadout?
  8. jordan novice

    Best things to buy on Amazon?

    I've been an Amazon Prime member for a couple years now and it's been pretty clutch! What are some of your favorite purchases or unique things that you've bought? I'm looking for cool things to buy. Also, I wish they would make a section to search through "add-on" items only. As well as a...
  9. jordan novice

    Do I have bad memory or am I just getting older?

    I feel that over the past couple years it's been more difficult for me to remember things. I don't mean events or things that have happened but more so details or things I've talked about. For example, I'll talk to one of my friends and I'll tell them about a story or something and not know if...
  10. jordan novice

    How do you remember peoples names?

    I swear, every time I meet someone new, they'll say their name and I'll shake their hand and as soon as that handshake is over, their name is gone from my memory. I try and try to remember, often times they'll speak their name and I'll follow up with a question of un-importance. While they...
  11. jordan novice

    How long until Ecko is back?

    With trends recycling and such, I saw the 80s revive while I was in highschool. Now a college graduate, the 90s trends have hit hard; Snapback hats, "dad" caps, choker necklaces, gold frames, big logo attire, etc. How much longer until the early 2000 to mid 2000 fads are back? Say the year...
  12. jordan novice

    Yo, is this Neek? - Vol. He done did it.

    I was stumbling around on instagram and saw a familiar pic. This ya mans? Looks like he put in work. I've seen the brand around a lot on social media. Ya boy made it. And :lol :smokin Thinking back on all the times on NT is wild. The originator of skinny jeans, then the...
  13. jordan novice

    How does this video make you feel?

    I just saw this video pop up on my feed and it put things a little better in perspective. It is a year old but it still applies. Although he was only equipped with a firearm, no mace or taser, what do you think about the circumstances? In the first instance, it seems he was doomed...
  14. jordan novice

    Loud Bluetooth speakers from Amazon?

    I need something loud enough to be heard while cooking and while having the vent on, running water noise, etc. It's hard of course to gauge how loud something will be when reading reviews on Amazon as everyone has a different opinion on loud with nothing to compare it to. Something that is...
  15. jordan novice

    Oahu, Hawaii Vacation Tips? Vol. Tagged, you're it. ----- Update - Photos & video added on pg 3 & 4

    Update - Photos added on page 3 Update - Video added on page 4 My family and I will be vacationing to the island of Oahu in early August. We have yet to choose a destination on where to stay as we're unfamiliar with the areas and what they offer. I hear the North shore is really nice, as well...
  16. jordan novice

    Pete the Moonshiner

    In the fourth and fifth grade, I spent the night at my friend Tom's house almost every weekend. Tom lived in a run-down farm house in the country. He shared a room with his older brother, Walter. The three of us would stay up late telling scary stories. The scariest was a true story. Here is...
  17. jordan novice

    Anyone ever deal with a winging scapula and or shoulder impingement?

    It started with front shoulder pain on my right side. I can't hold onto things for an extended period of time with my right arm, imagine bringing groceries in from the car. My shoulder tends to burn up and sting/tingle and get numb. As well, anytime I put my arm higher than shoulder height...
  18. jordan novice

    Things you want but would never buy. Vol.White Elephant

    Hey NT, I'm doing a white elephant with some buddies and need some ideas on what to get. I think the limit is around $30 - $40 or so. What are some things that you would want but would never go out of your way or pay for yourself. I feel this is an opportunity to purchase items that normally I...
  19. jordan novice

    MPC users

    Hey there guys. Just picked up an mpc 2500. Looking for some tips and such to learn. My mpc currently has jjos already on it. It just sucks that's there's so many different versions so a lot of tutorials don't go hand in hand. Anywho, I'm curious to know which forums you guys frequent or...
  20. jordan novice

    How did you find your passion?

    They say everyone has their own gift or skill that makes them unique. How did you find yours? I haven't really found that passion just yet but I'm looking for ways to figure it out. When did you find your 'calling' and how so?
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