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  1. dl2352

    open sketch thread

    A still-life I did for my intro drawing class. Includes a Nike Delta Force, New Balance 574, and Converse Jack Purcell.
  2. dl2352

    my recent haircut

    Don't encourage this foolishness The Pokemon and the Cam pics still have me
  3. dl2352

    WARP 1.9 vol. Top 5 Music Video This Year

    It's a couple months old but this Bloody Beetroots song still goes hard. Video captures the mood of the song so well.
  4. dl2352

    Animal Collective- Merriweather Post Pavilion

    Err, yeah. Check out Bluish and My Girls. Great songs.
  5. dl2352

    Clyde Carson "Bass Rock" Limited Edition $$$ In Stores Monday June 15th ($1 !!!!!)

    If there's new Team material, I'll definitely look out for it. I haven't listened to any new Bay slaps in almost two years.
  6. dl2352

    my recent haircut

    Edit: banned.
  7. dl2352

    Animal Collective- Merriweather Post Pavilion

    It's up there. Bluish, Summertime Clothes, My Girls, In The Flowers.
  8. dl2352

    Clyde Carson "Bass Rock" Limited Edition $$$ In Stores Monday June 15th ($1 !!!!!)

    Clyde Carson is dope but that AC Transit hat is far more appealing
  9. dl2352

    Official Eminem - Relapse Thread - May 19th

    Beautiful is the best rap song I've heard in a LONG time. It's also the only track off Relapse I've heard Anything more off the album similarto that?
  10. dl2352

    Would rather be 10 feet away from a Grizzly or a Great White???

    Definitely the grizzly bear. Grizzly bears are extremely fast going in a straight line but if you run in a zig zagged pattern, you should be able to out run itdue to it not having the same maneuverability. It's body weight won't allow for it to shift directions as quick as you.
  11. dl2352

    Yao Ming to miss remainder of postseason

    I feel bad for the guy. One of the best big men out there and he always gives his all to the team. I'm sure he'll bounce back though next season. As for his commitment to playing for China, I believe he's done now after the the Beijing Olympics. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought I...
  12. dl2352

    my recent haircut

    Terrible. Just...terrible.
  13. dl2352

    *| | Denim _ School | |*

    Some overdue pics of my APC New Standards. I've had them over a year but there's really about seven months of good wear in them. One soak, one wash. Some detail shots including my patched crotch blowout
  14. dl2352

    How accurate is that movie Alexander?

    I went into the movie thinking I was going to see another movie similar to Troy. Needless to say, my friends and I all came out of the theater extremelyconfused.
  15. dl2352

    magazines to subscribe to?

    Get an issue of Monocle and see if you like it. It's pretty pricey at about $10 an issue but it covers a wide range of interests including internationalbusiness, travel, fashion, politics, design, culture, etc.
  16. dl2352

    **Mods Please Lock, Thanks**Glenn Big Baby Davis is a habitual Line stepper

    What the hell Was not expecting that at all
  17. dl2352

    So I Caught My Father with my GF should I Fight Him? with Pics for the Beast.

    Good execution I believed it till I saw the pics.
  18. dl2352

    Put me on some Friendly Fire

    Oh man, I love Friendly Fires. If you liked "Skeleton Boy", I honestly suggest you just get their album. It's a great listen all around. Some of my favorite tracks are"Paris", "Jump In The Pool", and "Lovesick". Really though, the entire album is solid. Another track you should check out is...
  19. dl2352

    So I Finally Spotted an Idiot who Bought the $2000 L-R-G Jacket

    Janelle Monae is cute
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