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  1. kingjames216

    Nike Kyrie 3 (Color flip)

    Picked up these Kyrie 3's on the clearance rack. Terrible CW had to flip it up a bit.
  2. kingjames216

    Jordan 9 Ohio State Custom

  3. kingjames216

    Nike Air Max restore/custom "Where The Wild Things Roam"

    This is my 3rd attempt at customizing kicks. Always been into art, but trying to get better at this restoration/customization game! Well enough talk what you think?
  4. kingjames216

    Penny Pack Las Vegas

    Today Sole Collector and Nike Las Vegas are releasing a pack of Penny Hardaway's signature shoes and Nike's new Zoom Rookie LWP in Orlando Magic home colorways.  The pack includes Nike Air Max Penny 1, Air Penny II, Air Penny III, Air Foamposite One, and the Zoom Rookie LWP.  If you couldn't...
  5. kingjames216


    I need Gifs with sound if possible of anything funny with Will Ferrell for a school power point if anyone can help me out, teach me how to do so I would appreciate it.
  6. kingjames216

    Cleveland Browns customs.. (updated finished pics)

    This is my first shot at any type of custom kicks so critics are more than welcome but if your gonna hate at least know what your talking about and give mepointers...wore these to the game and were very popular tail gating and through out..thanks for all the comments good or bad... /056.jpg"...
  7. kingjames216


    Rumor has it that the cavs are close to a deal that will send Anderson Varejao and Wally Szerbiak to Miami for Shawn Marion...whats your take NT Good orBad..IMO i like Varejao's energy but he will be looking else where at the end of the season so maybe we go ahead and do it an free up wallys...
  8. kingjames216

    Tim Thomas/Deshawn Stevenson unapprecitation

    Why do NBA on the verge of bench players like these guys feel the need to do this when they are down by 20 or 30 points Thomas did it against the cavs down 30and we all know this dude does it on a regular basis i just think if your gonna taunt you should check the score board first...what do...
  9. kingjames216

    Black and White question...

    Now i remember in High School black people would make fun of white people for wearing tight jeans and listening to rock music..and made of fun of white peoplewho tried to act black but now black people are wearing tight jeans and trying to do rock music "lil wayne"and many others..... how do you...
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