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  1. calypso chanta


    Boiiii if that aint the truth lol
  2. calypso chanta


  3. calypso chanta

    Wait, hold up... Did Tory Lanez thieving self shoot Megan thee Stallion?

    a chick is community after 4 bodies per year? 😂
  4. calypso chanta

    How Long Have You Been On NT?

    :nerd: been a long time.
  5. calypso chanta

    Where are all of the older accounts at?

    :pimp: mhm.
  6. calypso chanta

    Does NT Have a Race Problem?

    As an internet message board i think NT is a reflection of the times. Rn, society as a whole is pretty divisive, so it's not a surprise. As long as people keep an open mind, acknowledging that your POV isn't the only answer/comment/thought, then I think its fine. Whats great about here is that...
  7. calypso chanta

    The Damn Nature, You Amazing!!!.....Thread

    lol. How you gon be cool with the Jag and not cool with the croc. keep the same energy. Block your eyes if yeen rocking with it.
  8. calypso chanta

    HBO Michael Jackson doc 'Leaving Neverland'

    Bc of the inconsistent testimony by the accuser -- i cant really subscribe to believing anything beyond a reasonable doubt based dude. Added to the fact that MJ isn't here to defend himself, it makes the whole doc very shaky. Also, within the last 3-5 years the revival of sensationalist...
  9. calypso chanta

    The Official Anime & Manga Thread Vol: 三

    Is it too late to watch the one piece anime now? I know. Smh.
  10. calypso chanta

    Cyntoia Brown vol. Sex Slave Now Serving Life

    There’s a threshold for how much a negative environment can affect your judgement and decision making skills. Given her traumatizing upbringing circumstances, one can empathize that she was responding to a poor situation in a way that was shaped by that horrific upbringing. So taking all that...
  11. calypso chanta

    Official: Red Dead Redemption 2 Thread: Releasing 10-26-18

    Yeah. I finished last night.
  12. calypso chanta

    Official: Red Dead Redemption 2 Thread: Releasing 10-26-18

    I'm on the epilogue pt 2. I only really just played the core missions of the game and its pretty great. Not looking forward to it ending tho.
  13. calypso chanta

    Nintendo Thread: Nintendo Direct Mini 03/26/2020

    Holllonnnnow. RD2 slander wont be tolerated lol. Story is so ill!
  14. calypso chanta

    2017 Best Places to Live in America vol. NYC didn't crack top 20 cities

    Grew up in Richmond, VA. Now live in D.C.
  15. calypso chanta

    Bachelor Party: Dominican Republic

    Yo. thanks NT. All this info is coming in handy. Prolly gonna hit the hardrock for the all inclusive. It's high, but the consensus i see is that it seems like the place to be. Plus, that includes food/drinks which is really the pocket killer on trips. So having a set price on the flight, and a...
  16. calypso chanta

    Bachelor Party: Dominican Republic

    So, My homeboy from way back is hanging it up. He's gettin married in June and your boy is planning the bachelor party. We're swinging for the Dominican Republic for like 4 to 6 days -- any recommendations for: Deals regarding, hotels, etc...? Is Punta Cana the place to be? Is it not? Things...
  17. calypso chanta

    Roll call . who is on niketalk

    wassup wassup. Old man '04 'yamsaaaaaaaayin
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