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  1. solegurl

    OJ Sentencing on CNN right now

    Okay, you make some valid points,but just because a black person says that their are many racist people in this country does not make it a race card issue. The fact that you named athletes is just the perfect example. It's one of the biggest stereotypes. Tiger Woods does not consider himslef to...
  2. solegurl

    People 25 and older yet still dressing like kids FTL

    Well,it gets old hearing a guy saying that they want their dream women to wear this and that,but they wear a t shirt,jeans and sneakers everywhere. I'mlike....grow the f up. Guys have some crazy request(rocking heels all day everyday),but never dress up.
  3. solegurl


    I saw a site that restocked the atmos,but I want other sneakers. Seeing them makes it harder.
  4. solegurl

    TEAM AM FAM aka AIR MAX FAMILY THREAD (New Application Process)

    So....anybody can post up in here?
  5. solegurl

    June 2008 WDYWT!!

  6. solegurl

    June 2008 WDYWT!!

    To a bball game with the bf. I don't know what's with the dark colors with me lately. Then to the gym Have a safe and happy weekend y'all.
  7. solegurl

    June 2008 WDYWT!!

    ^ Perfect time for the DTRT III's is it not? I need to get another pair.
  8. solegurl

    Amy Winehouse Is The Definition Of Ugly

    I guess you have to do what you have to do in order to feel good about yourself. There's no need to laugh and point at someone who has an addiction.
  9. solegurl

    MATURE Niketalkers I need advice (Theres a child involved)

    That's like asking if you should wear your cap and gown to graduation. Good luck...if you deserve it.
  10. solegurl

    New Gilbert Arenas Sig Shoe **CATALOG PIC**

    That's Not looking too good. 10% off please use code JG619710 J's and J apparel
  11. solegurl

    How does the wild edge fit?

    To me, they fit a tad bit smaller. I usually wear a. 8 and I wear a 8.5. [img noborder]stores.designerathletic.c...1.JPG[/img]
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