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  1. shake n bake718

    Can Anyone Recommend A Good Wireless N Router?

    Just moved in to a new apartment and my old Linksys WRT54G just isn't cutting it anymore. My ps3 can't get a signal and my internet's running slower than it used to. Been trying to do some research, but I'm not the most tech savy person and don't understand some of the features in alot of...
  2. shake n bake718

    What Are Some Good Car Cleaning Products?

    Just copped a new whip last week and wanted to know if anyone could recommend some good cleaning products. I used to use MaGuires sp* for my last ride andthought it worked pretty good. Any good wheel and tire cleaners would be a help too.
  3. shake n bake718

    Joell Ortiz- Covering The Classics Mixtape

    Yo this *$%$ is straight up fireee!! This is real hip hop not that garbage Lil Wayne auto tune bs. Joells a beast and this right here proves it. Trust me youwont be disappointed.
  4. shake n bake718

    English Bulldog Owners Check In!!!!

    So I've been thinking about getting one lately and was wondering if anyone here had one and could give me some advice on them. I know they snore and havehealth problems and all that, but what kind of dogs are they and would you suggest getting one. Any suggestions on good breeders in NYC would...
  5. shake n bake718

    Mediatakeout Lurking On NT??

    I was just on MTO and I swear sometimes when someone posts a pic of a bad chick in one of the girl threads, they end up on MTO not too long after. They gotthis chick from the big booty thread on the site today. http://www.mediatakeout.c...s_100_silicone_free_.html I also remember this chick...
  6. shake n bake718

    How Can I Legally Own A Gun In NYC?

    I been wanting to get a gun for a while now and I have no clue what I would have to do to try and become registered to own one. I just want it for the house toprotect myself just in case anything ever happens. I don't have a criminal record or anything like that. Anyone live in NYC and legally...
  7. shake n bake718

    The Prestige or The Illusionist?

    Just watched The Prestige yesterday and thought it was a good movie. Not amazing or anything, but I'd recommend it to people interested in those kind ofmovies. I still like the Illusionist more since I'm a big Ed Norton and Paul Giamatti fan, but they both had the same kind of vibe to them...
  8. shake n bake718

    7 Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe

    Saw this on Yahoo. 7 Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe Robert Roy Britt LiveScience Managing Editor LiveScience.comThu Dec 20, 7:20 PM ET Popular culture is loaded with...
  9. shake n bake718

    Recommend Me A Good Restaurant Around Broadway NYC

    My girl got me tickets to see A Bronx Tale this Saturday night and I wanted to find a nice place to go eat dinner before the show. I'm not looking for something too over the top, but a nice spot that's reasonably priced and in the area of W 48th. Thanks for the responses. NY Nitty Gritty F.B.G.$
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